Self-Study was just getting started as an adult,

Self-Study is so important to help progress your successful
life. I started with an audio tape of Zig Ziglar I found in a drawer at my
Grandpas house. I was around seventeen years old at the time working in a sales
position. The name Zig Ziglar sounded kind of funny to me but the tapes said
something about winning in sales, so I decided to listen. I ended up listening
to that tape several times over the next few days. At that time, I had no idea
there was a self-help industry. The sales information was helpful but what I
really liked was the motivational message Zig gave. It really challenged and
encouraged me to be my best even at seventeen.

The next tape I came across was Les Brown and Les is such a
motivator and encourager I was inspired. From there I started reading books
like Think & Grow Rich and John Maxwell & one of my favorite Dale
Carnage. There were so many I can’t even remember them all. At that time, I was
just getting started as an adult, so money was tight. I remember going to the
public library and checking out all the motivational and great training books
on tape they offered. I would take them home and run them through a double tape
deck for recording tapes I picked up at our local Salvation Army store for a
few bucks. I got lucky and found a tape collection of Zig Ziglar and many other
great speakers I found as well. I couldn’t believe anyone would get rid of
those tapes. It was like finding gold to me.

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I went on to work with a company that was started by the
legendary billionaire Art Williams. (Photo) Art was one of the greatest
motivators I have ever had the privilege of listening to. I even had the
opportunity to spend some time with Art and ask him his thoughts on life and
winning as he would say. Art always talked about getting better and helping
others to be the best they could be. During a conversation we had he told me to
always continue to self-educate myself. Listen and learn from others who had
been through things already. He you can learn from other successes and
failures. I’m forever grateful for his advice.

I was able to work for a multi-millionaire Donald Mains from
a young age who also taught me to self-study to be prepared so I could rise to
the occasion when my chance came. Donald Mains owned one the largest retail
companies in the Midwest. Donald Quoted to me “By failing to prepare, you
are preparing to fail” – Ben Franklin Again another person I’m forever grateful
to have known.

Donald Mains made me the youngest store director in his
company at age nineteen. It was an incredible opportunity for me and allowed me
to hire and work with some of the best people I have ever known. Many of them I
still consider great friends. We trained everyday like we were trying to win a championship.
I learned more about people those early years than I could have ever imagined. I
would have my whole team read those great leadership books, so we could discuss
them in our meetings. I went on to be there top personal selling director on
the floor one of those years. One on my great honors was being asked to speak
at the company’s seventy-fifth anniversary event in St. Paul Minnesota.

That is when my real dream was developed, I wanted to become
a speaker and trainer. The keynote speaker at that event was the legendary Joe
Salzano. Joe pulled me over to the side after my talk and said son you should become
a speaker. You did a great job! Wow this coming from Joe Salzano a master
communicator really fired me up. It was something this young twenty-three-year-old
never forgot.

Whether it be old school audio tapes, CDs, videos, YouTube, books
both written or audible or live events you need to take advantage of these opportunities.

Second Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.