Running addition to literature review, reader will also

Running head: How educational system is currently working in

Adnan Shahzad Gill

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Education for any country or region is considered as a vital
part than other factors. In Pakistan, our Government pays more attention toward
people who are from upper class and these masses are in minority. Policy makers
are totally unaware of people that are in majority. These lower masses cannot
fulfill their basic needs of life.  In
Pakistan education can play its part to make people more stronger socially and
economically. In this paper, I will share my observation that I have noticed
throughout the Pakistan.  We are going
through the worst educational system in the history of this country especially
in our backward areas such as south Punjab, Balochistan and few areas of Sindh.
The paper will briefly tell about the structure and the current situation of
education system of Pakistan. In addition to literature review, reader will
also be facilitated by the facts and figure. It will also explain the reader
about our educational system. So, in results these findings will support my
stance regarding this problem.






















Literature Review………………………………………………………….03

Data Analysis………………………………………………………………06




















How educational system is currently working in
Pakistan                                                            01


Article 25-A of constitution
of Pakistan require the state to provide totally free and quality education to
the age group 5 to 16 years. “The state shall provide free and compulsory
education to the children of the age group 5 to 16 years in such a manner as
may be determined by law”. The educational structure in Pakistan is formed in
six levels preschool for age 3 to 5 years, primary school which formed for
grade one to five and middle school for grade six to eight and then High,
intermediate and higher secondary school etc. After developing such huge structures
and laws the situation of educational system is still miserable. History of
Pakistan is full of injustice with the educational system. They provide more
budgets to other institutes rather than education department. Government never
facilitates the education department so that they could do some improvements.
If you see the situation of schools in backward areas still it is very
sorrowful. Corruption in funds for education is causing big loss that is very
difficult to recover.

Hypothesis; The purpose
for choosing this topic is to narrate that what is educational structure and to
define the descending situation of educational system. After giving the
explanation akin to problem, I will highlight that which factors are
responsible for this situation. So, that the reader could get awareness that
how can we overcome these downfalls.

Research Questions;

Reasons for the failure of education
system in Pakistan.

How structure and situation of education
system can improve.



How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            02


Methodology; The
methodology I adopted for this research is quantitative. I collected my data to
be studied and reviewed from library, articles as well as I interviewed the
students and retrieved the data and adopted the data collection in the form of
the survey questioners.



Ø  To
give a deep insight on the circumstances of the educational system of Pakistan.

Ø  To
provide reasons for the failure of the educational system

Ø  To
take public opinion about reforms in this system





















How educational system is currently working in
Pakistan                                                            03

Chapter 2

Literature Review

Q1. What are the reasons for the failure of the
education system in Pakistan?

Pakistan is facing many
problems like terrorism, poverty and political insecurity. These issues exist
in our society due to lack of awareness & literacy, and low standard system
of education.  Pakistan is facing number
of failures in educational system. The education system in Pakistan is not
providing the quality education nor providing the skills that requires for
professional careers. Institutions that strengthen the education department now
have become the cause of social instability. Pakistan is a state that stands on
Islamic ideology. Unfortunately, the people, who teach and interpret religious and
formal education, are not helping masses about tolerance. That is basic essence
which we could get out education. Education teaches harmony and when people
learned it they start trying to protect cultural and ethnic norms of the
society. Another main reason for the failure is that untrained teachers at
primary or at secondary level are not fulfilling the needs of the students. In
schools they do not introduce modern curricula and effective methods which
could help students to learn different things in an interesting way. The other
reason is that education system is facing shortage of teachers. They do not
come to school for student-teacher interaction. The other big issue is that
students themselves don’t consider education as a tool to experience actual
knowledge. They always have this thing in mind that they can get degree by
giving money.





How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            04

Curriculum of our
education system is very old from rest of the world. It has not direct relation
with the student’s lives. One of the major problems of our country is lack of
vocational or technical education. Huge numbers of policies were introduced in
the history of Pakistan, but those policies didn’t show any result, because
these policies were failed in the implementation process. Low budget from parliamentary
institution is given to this department. Pakistan is included in those under developing
countries that spend less than 2% from its annual budget on. Corruption is the
biggest disaster that is draining the overall resources of education. It is the
main hinder in the improvements of education department. The world considered
us as the most gender discriminating country. Education opportunities for men
and women are not equal. It is just because of lack of awareness of higher
authorities because they have no concerns with common messes.

Q2. What are the
possible improvements?

Firstly, there should
be the implementation of current educational policies. Before introducing new
policies we should work on our previous or pending policies. The curriculum
should be updated and modernized according to the needs of our people. Method
of teaching should be changed to create an interactive environment within
school setup. So, that student may feel free to discuss their problems with
teachers. Profession wise who are best at teaching they preferably moves in
foreign countries. They can serve their here and give their worthy services to
their home land. Government should facilitate such professionals for the
betterment of this platform.  Lastly,
parental socialization is the main player in this regard.  


How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            05      

Giving them awareness
of education is very important because it can effectively work for their kids
social and economic lives. One of the big issues is corruption that can be
minimized through various strategies within the working places. People do this
act because of low income. So, to reduce these factor law makers can introduce
few policies for this cause. Government needs to increase the budget for
education department because it is impossible to make improvements with low
budget.  By adopting these ideas our
structure and situation of education system can change. Pakistan can set an
example of role model in front of the world. If we prepare our children with
modern knowledge they will learn advance education and will give back to their communities.
It is the need of our generation we have to think about it. Otherwise, we will
not able to show an effective role to the world.









How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            06

Chapter 3

Data Analysis

Question #1

Is educational system failing in Pakistani society?








How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            07


Who is responsible for the failure of education system?



department has to play an effective and vital role for the betterment of
education al system in Pakistan.







How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            08


Does this sector need improvement?



There is a need of an hour that
educational system has to be improved by the administrative department.







How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            09






Do you think curriculum is a major role player in school


Curriculum of educational institute
need improvement.






How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            10





Are there an advancement require in our curriculum?



is general opinion that curriculum must be revitalized.





How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            11





Our school get in the funding for the improvement of

There is a mixed response regarding this question majority
of the answers favor in the strong agree behavior.






How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            12




Do you see any corruption in these funds at micro and macro











How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            12


Question 8: Failure of public
school strengthening private schools, at what level?





of the government schools gives rise to the private schools which are taking
advantages of their loopholes and the condition of the government schools have
been deterioration and tarnishing day by day.






How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            13



Do you think government can take
more initiatives for the betterment of public schools?



government can take initiative for the betterment of the society and the sector
requires revolutionary steps to be taken on emergency basis.







How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            14




Do you think untrained teachers are the failure of this



 The diverse opinions
are showing that the untrained teachers are the failure of this sector.







How educational system is currently working in
Pakistan                                                            15



Educational system of
our country cannot be compared to the other developing countries because we
just focus on degree or a paper that a student will earn during his educational
career. We do not focus on education in which a gain knowledge and groomed his personality.
If we see the countries like China and Germany they have developed syllabus in
their own language. Here people do not focus on our regional language. We even
don’t have awareness of our mother tongue. We prefer to speak and write foreign
languages because we have a mindset that if someone speaks good English that
person is literary. We can learn better skills of writing and listening in our own
language. Kids failed are not able to perform well in schools because at home their
family members speak different language they use their mother tongue for better
communication. Moreover, the student teacher relation is not good and in
results students suffer from it. For providing quality education to our younger
generation we do not need untrained teachers who are ruining the system.






How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            16



Pakistan is facing
plethora of problems in the domain of education. Due to this failure our students
are not getting quality education that can make them good professional in
various fields. Old educational policies and strategies are not helpful for the
current situation of this country. Also, the amendments in the current policies
can be considered supportive for the development of this system. We need
professional with new ideas. The various education policies since independence
have only produced a mass of unemployed youth. Nelson Mandela once said “Education
is the only powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. We talked
about equality in Education and that is the basic right of every human being. In
our country there is a gendered biasness within educational system. Women get fewer
opportunities in pursuing their higher degree. If some of them get higher level
degree they do not go to the job market due to the family or societal presure. Reforms
of our education system will take some time and it requires energetic and
dedicated response. Hard work and constant effort of different people from different
governmental institutions can play an important role to change the current
situation of our country.





How educational system
is currently working in Pakistan                                                            17



Suggestions for Improving Education System in Pakistan