RISK He quit his stable job in 1994,


One of the key entrepreneurship
skill is risk taking- Bezos made a  risky
move into the embryonic world of e-commerce. He quit his stable job in 1994,
moved to Seattle and targeted the unexploited prospective of the internet
market by opening an online bookstore.

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getting things done with limited resources

in the beginning an entrepreneur should be able to get more things
done with the little one has hence getting maximum things done with limited
resources- initially Bezos set up the office in his garage where,
along with a few employees, he began developing software. From a garage he
updated to two-bedroom house, equipped with three Sun Microstations and then
finally developed a test site. After inviting 300 friends to beta test the
site, Bezos opened an online site know as Amazon.com


Diversity is the key to advancement Ideas are
constantly being generated about new work schemes and improved efficiency and
potential new businesses. Bezos continued to
diversify Amazon’s products with the sale of CDs and videos and then later included
clothes, electronics, toys and more to increase the diversity of products 


Open Minded

realize that every situation is an opportunity. In
2007, the company released the Kindle, a tablet-like digital book allowing
users to read, download, buy and store their book selections. That same year,
Bezos announced another one of his investment in Blue Origin, a Seattle-based
aerospace company.Skillful enterpreneurs have the ability to look at
everything around them and focus it toward their goals and adding it to their
bigger picture


Healthy competition is always
good it helps a person to strive and keep going and aiming for milestones Bezos unveiled the new Kindle Fire HD, to compete with
apple and give Apple’s iPad a run for its money. He even stated in one of his
interviews with ABC news “We haven’t built the best tablet at a certain
price. We have built the best tablet at any price.”



facet of creativity is being able to make connections and using  them between seemingly unrelated creations. They
will repurpose different products in market to boost their business. In early December 2013, Bezos added a new, experimental
enterprise by Amazon, called “Amazon Prime Air,” using drones to
provide delivery services to customers


Entrepreneurs are not disenchanted
by their defeats. They look at every defeat as an opportunity for new successes.
They are determined to make it and stay persistent.  After the Fire
Phone being a flop Bezos scored a victory through Amazon Studios with the
development of original content.

Overcoming failure

Getting a business from a glimmer in your mind to
actually making money takes a kind of relentlessness; you have make effort to
move the thing forward and you face a lot of set backs along the way Bezos oversaw one of Amazon’s major slipups
when the company launched the Fire Phone which was criticized in the market
resulting it was discontinued the following year. But this didn’t stop him
and he returned back to success of amazon studios.