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ready to bow easily, a quality or say attitude which most of young person of her age uses to have. In the movie, she uses to hate her grandfather because of the fact which she has her perception that her grandfather has neglected her father while he was suffering from deadly tuberculosis disease which ultimately caused his death. She has her opinion about her grandfather, that he is a man with dictatorial or say disciplinary attitude. Rama never tried to really come out from her perception and look deep and try to understand that her grandfather’s heart has soft emotion for them. But later when Ravi made her realise about Rai saheb’s emotion, she changed. In the movie, there is also a depiction romantic relation between Rama and Ravi. Both are just entered into their adult lives and latter on that changes into their marriage with each other.Ravi: A young man in seek of some job to make himself settle. an obvious desire for person of his age. In the movie, he has been portrayed as man who believes in astrology and fruecutly calls a palmist to tell him about his future. It is quite understood because of his age that he needs a job to get settler in his life that’s why he tries all short of things which can give some hope to him. After various fail attempts to get a job, he moves to his maternal uncle. His uncle has arranged a job for him to his known Rai Saheb. A job of a private tutor to his grandchildren. He took that responsibility but faced initial challenges. Yet latter on with his patience and understanding of children, he would able to control and pacify the relation of Rai Saheb and his grandchildren. But after these all, when he finally gets a call from a company to join, he leaves his job of a tutor and joins there. This is very expected behaviour shown by an adult of his age. The story and situation which Ravi was facing in the movie is of ours also. We too are at same juncture of our life where career and getting settle in our life are paramount concerns.Rama and Ravi both are at the end of their adolescent phase and entering into their adult lives. This is a very crucial phase for both of them. If we look this period of their we would find this is a period of expanding intellectual and physical ability, also attainment of reproductive maturity. During this phase a person develops ethical system to guide his/her behaviour and also develop conceptual and problem solving skills. Here, in the movie we can see these all in the behaviour of Ravi. When he came to tutor those children, he tried to understand the problems  and took different approach as contrary to previous tutors. Instead of punishing those children, he takes their side and tries to mingle with them. When he knows the reasons of their disagreement with their grandfather, he tries to solve it with making Rama to understand the situation of her grandfather and finally ables to break the ice between grandfather and his grandchildren. This is also the period when a youth gets ready for intimate relation and marriage. In the movie too a romantic relation between Ravi and Rama has been portrayed. Ravi hesitates to talk about this to Rai Saheb but when Rai Saheb knowns he gets ready for their marriage.If we try to look into this phase for Erikson and Gilligan spects. Where Erikson says “males aspire for career and ideological commitment whereas females aspire for marriage and childbearing”. On the other hand Gilligan talks in similar with Erikson “male concerns for autonomy and achievement and female concerns for relationships and emotional bonds”. We to can see it in movie too, when Ravi leaves his tutor job for better option.According to Erikson they are in the 6th phase of his theory of psychological development. Which he terms “Intimacy Versus Isolation”, It Occurs in young adulthood of ages 18 to 40 years. An individual begins to get more intimate with others. An exploration of relationships leading toward longer-term commitments with somebody else. Successful completion of this stage can result in happy relationships and a sense of commitment, safety, and care within a relationship. Avoiding intimacy, fearing commitment and relationships can lead to isolation, loneliness, and sometimes depression whereas success can lead to the virtue of love (Erikson ,1968).Rai Saheb: He is his old adulthood phase of his life in the movie. He was a retired colonel in british army. But when british left India, he to resigned from the army. He still has his disciplinary way of life as of a military man and quite strict towards his rule and punctuality. He is an old man of very preserving behaviour. From his adulthood he is of same. Because of his attitude his son left his house and never tried to contact him, only once when his death was near to him. He lost his son and daughter-in-law. and whole of his family. But later he realised his fault and tried his best to correct. He remained almost alone for 17 years then finally able to get his grandchildren back to him home. But those grandchildren rather use to hate him. He tried his best to educate and train them, but failed severly to do so. At the end he gets a young teacher to train his grandchildren and finally he would be able to change the hearts of his grandchildren. His happiness comes back again and started living with peace with his grandchildren. Which is an expected way of life of a person of his age. He corrects his mistake which he did with his son and allowed Rama to mary Ravi, when he got to know their love with each other.