Reading can be rid of. Anything relates to

plays many crucial factors even for today. Despite the fast growth of
technology department these days, reading is still something that can be rid
of. Anything relates to reading such as : instructions, filling out of
applications, following directions, even gaming needs reading. People whose
lack in reading skill might always have trouble in understanding mentioned
above. Such as missunderstand instructions, unable to fill out the
applications, or even unable to understand completely the characters’s use in a

       Reading can give benefits to people.
These days, well-paid jobs requires their employee to have good reading skills.
Poor reading skill can slow your careers. Such as teachers, they need to have
good reading skill enough to teach their students. Researchers or writers need
a lot of readings for them to stay creative and build more knowledge.

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       Reading also gives us good self image. In
stating opinions, good readers would be seem like “promising” when they do,
probably because they always have and prepared a reason. With all the knowledge that readers get from
reading books, they would have more subjects they can participate in during
conversations. This also allows you to participate with more variety of people and conversations. In
contrary, poor readers would probably unable to state their opinion clearly or
even unable at all. Because they don’t understand the materials (if in the
classroom). Poor readers opinion would be seem like “not promising/empty”.

       Reading can also function as vitamin for
our brain. Let say our mind is a muscle, it need some exercise. We can build
our body more muscular if we exercise frequently. Reading works like that, it
can expand our vocabulary, knowledge, and also prevent dementia as we get

       As for children, Learning to read is about listening and understanding as well
as working out what is printed on the page. Through hearing stories, children
are exposed to a wide range of words. This helps them build their own
vocabulary and improve their understanding when they listen, which is vital as
they start to read. It is important for them to understand how stories work
too. Even if your child does not understand every word, they will hear new
sounds, words and phrases which they can then try out, copying what they have
heard. From this now we know how important reading in our life,
so it can’t be helped or we have no choice but to develop our reading skills.


is a complex process that involves working on the information in a text on a
number of levels. The successful reader, able to not just decode, but to
understand and interact with text, operates on text at the word, sentence, content, topic (Munro, J.,
2004). Students, who have reading difficulties, have not developed all the
necessary knowledge and reading strategies needed for them to access these
levels of text and need explicit teaching intervention to help them make sense
of the text. Poor readers do not acquire strategies automatically and need
explicit instructions (Gee, H. 1998).

       Most people
experienced difficulties with reading accuracy and the problems is from not being able to
bridge the gap between decoding and comprehension. They presented difficulties
with knowledge and strategies at the word and sentence levels. Consequently,
the amount of information they could hold and process was very small. When
their information processing was this slow, they were less likely to retain and
process the words they had interpreted,
resulting in poor fluency and comprehension.