Quote: describes it as sleep flirting with her.

Quote: “Thus we are ministers of God’s own wish: that the world, and men
for whom his son die, will not be given over to monsters, who’s very existence
would defame him. He has allowed us to redeem one soul already, and we go out
as the old knights of the cross to redeem more. Like them we shall travel
toward sunrise; and like them, if we fall, we fall in good cause.”

            In this quote Dr. Van
Helsing is talking to Mina on their way chasing Dracula. Van Helsing is talking
about their experience and how they must defeat Dracula. The author proves to
show the differences in Victorian time with lines about the differences of good
an evil and what was considered good and bad at the time. This statement proves
the novel to be about morals and religious and righteous beliefs, as well as
putting women in roles that were not common at that time than gothic horror and

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Quote: “I have
taken it, and am waiting for sleep, which still keeps aloof. I hope I have not
done wrong, for as sleep begins to flirt with me.”

            In this quote Mina
talks about the odd things that start to happen to her in her sleep. She
describes it as sleep flirting with her. In this statement, from what Mina said
we can interpret that the count is seducing her in her sleep. When Dracula
actually has Mina suck the blood from him, the author is giving a message about
gender roles in that time. The count is almost mocking a nursing mom as he does
this with Mina, almost like the man became the woman. This is especially interesting
because woman at that time were looked at as inferior to men and woman were to
stick to their roles. Here stoker brakes the gender role stereotype by having
the woman feeding of the man weaken the woman and have the man become stronger
instead of the other way around, a much more common way in that time. This is
often what gothic horror authors try to communicate. (275)

            Quote: “She was so fair
to look on, so radiantly beautiful, so exquisitely voluptuous, that the very
instinct of man in me, which calls some of my sex to love and to protect one of
hers, made my head whirl with new emotion.

            In this statement, Dr.
Van Helsing talks about the three female vampires that greet him in hopes to
stop him from cleansing the castle. In the quote, Stoker uses female sexuality
in the novel once again as he has many times before. Here it further proves
Dracula’s immense power and control of mortals. It’s not so much the women’s
beauty, but it’s Dracula’s power that has Van Helsing almost hypnotized.
Dracula makes the women much more attractive than they already are to stop Dr.
Van Helsing The vampire’s power and control of Van Helsing that make them so
beautiful and sexually appealing, not that they aren’t already described in the
novel to be beautiful women, but so much so that it would distract a wise and
noble man from the vampires diabolical plan. I believe this great for Van
Helsing and Van Helsing really proves that he is great and wise in the sentences.
No one does it better than Van Helsing to 
be honest.