Psychology behaviour in a scientific way using research

Psychology allows us to study and analyse our behaviour in a
scientific way using research methods, while also debating the meanings of the
findings. I am very interested in scientific subjects and the arts; psychology
is the perfect blend of these types of subjects, which is why I believe that
psychology is the right subject for me. Psychology allows for many explanations
for one ‘problem’, this fascinates me as it allows us to keep discovering
possible causes for things such as mental health problems. I have always been
interested in the scientific reasons behind our behaviour. Studying Freud,
Milgram and many other inspirational psychologists in A-Level Psychology has
given me some insight into this but I am enthusiastic to learn more.


My interest in psychology peaked while I was reading a play
called “A Streetcar Named Desire”, and though a fictional play may not be
scientific it drove me to research more into cognitive psychology and mental disorders
such as schizophrenia. The main character of the play suffered from delusions
and lived in a warped reality, after reading psychological analyses of the
piece I grew more interested in discovering how environmental and biological
factors could contribute to or trigger a mental disorder. This led me to read Richard P. Bentall’s book “Madness Explained”
which gave me an understanding of some of these causes. I was interested in how
the author questioned one of the original classifications of madness, Kraepelin’s categorizations into manic depressive and dementia
praecox, as a way to develop clinical psychology to diagnose patients with
symptoms to be treated and not to be put in mental illness categories, which
would avoid misdiagnosis of mental illnesses.

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I am extremely passionate about psychology and am a very
studious person. I truly enjoy reading and researching into new subject areas
and learning about various aspects of psychology. The skills that I have learnt
in my other A-Level subjects contribute to my belief that I would be a model
candidate for studying psychology. Studying Biology has allowed me to develop
skills in gathering, interpreting and analysing data from experiments which can
be employed to psychological research that are necessary to further our
understanding of behaviour. Studying English Literature has allowed me to
develop my communication skills, both written and verbal; this will be an asset
in studying and pursuing a career in psychology.


I am very open to what field of psychology that this course
may lead me to but after speaking to Dr Beth Parry-Jones, a Consultant Clinical
Psychologist and Head of Health Psychology for North Wales,
I have grown to have an interest in clinical psychology. In her opinion one of
the most important skills that a person hoping to go into psychology should
have is to be able to communicate in an empathetic not sympathetic manner, they
should also have problem solving skills and be able to work in teams. I believe
that I have these skills; I developed an empathetic manner of speaking when I
took part in the North Wales Clinical
School and was able to shadow a doctor
around the Gwynedd
Hospital wards, here I
was able to speak to patients about their experiences in life and their
illnesses. My problem solving skills have grown especially since working at my
part-time job in a Debenhams shoe store, there I have been set tasks such as
writing a weekly trade report and working out how much money our section made
the previous day. Working with a team has always come naturally to me; I have
been a school council representative from the years 10 to 13 and have had to
work with other students and teachers alike in the monthly meetings.

I believe that my passion and commitment for psychology and
the skills that I possess would make me a great candidate for your course and a
future in this field.