Product the year is named to SS Ton

Product Overview


Cricket Bats are made
with different types of woods most common and most durable wood which is being
used in the cricketing circuit is the Willow wood. Different Brands

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have their own preference
on the woods as there are Different types of Willows woods; namely

1. English Willow

2. Kashmiri Willow

Different brand bat are
considered for this comparison along with differed playing margins like price,
usability (Handling) , Endurance, performance and quality of bat.

In light of the
examinations on values over, the title of the best bat of the year is named to
SS Ton Reserve English Cricket Bat.


Product description


SS TON English edition is
best bat in complete SS Ton series. Produced from first-class grade A English
willow, this edition bat will offer 9 to 13 straight rich grains profile lacking
any little faults. The Willow is handled normally and arranged in such a way,
to the point that it offers best bat execution
with sturdiness. This bat is having Mid to low sweet spot with routine spine.
With the balance of Low to mid sweet spot and tradition shape, bat offers expanded
sweet spot with maximum power.


Product Specs and Qualities


Produced with the Finniest
Players Grade English Willow
Low to Mid Sweet Spot
9 to 13 straight grains
12 Piece swark cane handle with semi oval shape
38 to 45 mm edge thickness
Minor Curved in Face
Tow – Square


Its Excellent for its wide range of sweet

Its Ready to Play (Already Knocked).

Perfect weight balancing.

It has better grip with the semi oval

The Wood is very durable and knocked in
properly, may last longer than the other Willows.



Some people prefer thinner bats.

If given to a beginner who plays
irresponsibly may end up broken which will prove to be expensive.

It is Expensive.


Other Competitors


Gray Nicolls Oblivion E41
GN9 Cricket Bat.



Gray Nicolls Oblivion generation
9 English Willow Cricket Bat is created utilizing incredible quality material.
It is furnished with twelve peace stick handle, the Oblivion e41 is the perfect
blend of custom and progression. The remarkable condition of the e41 achieves a
sharp edge ideally suited for front-foot play. With its light weight and an
uncommon 41mm edge profile, Gray-Nicolls are pushing the limits of
bat-production to make it less demanding for you to come to yours.

Product Specs and Qualities


Made from Grade A
English Willow
Low-Mid Sweet Spots
9 to 12 orthodox grains
12 piece semi oval Sarawak cane handle
37 – 41 mm vast ends
Minor Dished surface
Profile: Edge Square