Pregnancy and knowledgeable about Linea Nigra–what is it

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in
your body. These changes are both internal and external brought about by the
growing fetus inside. Most changes are brought by continuous increase in
hormones that are being reflected in your internal body system and external


The reason for developing such changes
is to compensate for the requirements that are being demanded by your baby
inside your womb. Once you enter first week of pregnancy, changes slowly take
place in the form of minor developments such as in your breasts and mood.

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One of the most notable changes in a
woman’s body during pregnancy is the excess in production of melasma–a
hormone that is responsible for pigmentation. The excess in these hormones
cause the skin to experiencing darkening and being more pigmented compared to
your pre-pregnancy body.


Various signs of increase in hormones
include the development of Linea Nigra, a dark vertical line that usually shows
up in the middle of your tummy during pregnancy. It is a common phenomenon
during pregnancy so it is better to expect its appearance when you enter your
23rd week of pregnancy.


We have come up a few nice to know
information that you can read to keep yourself updated and knowledgeable about
Linea Nigra–what is it about and why it appears in your body during pregnancy.


What Is Linea Nigra?


As mentioned above, Linea Nigra is a
dark vertical line that shows up in the middle of your tummy at about 23rd week
into pregnancy. It is caused by your active pregnancy hormones that contribute
to its hyperpigmentation. The Linea Nigra is always there, though. It is just
that you hardly notice it since it is typically white in color called the Linea
Alba. The Linea Alba is a white line in the middle of your abdominal area, this
is where the connective tissues of the muscles around that particular area


As your abdominal area stretches
during pregnancy, the line in the middle of your stomach expands too. Thanks to
the high levels of oxygen, the production of melanin also increases making the
elevating the deposit of pigments in some parts of the body that will
eventually lead to darkening of these areas.


When Does Linea Nigra Appear?


Normally, Linea Nigra starts
developing as early as the end of first trimester or within the period of
second trimester. Usually around the 23rd week of pregnancy when the hormones
at at their peak.


Does A Linea Nigra Fade?


Of course! Linea Nigra does not stay
forever on your skin, although there could be some chances wherein it can leave
a very light mark on your belly. However, Linea Nigra do gradually fade after
giving birth. This is due to the hormones going back to their normal levels
once again. Linea Nigra does not go away in a blink of an eye and expect a
couple of months to a year before it completely lightens out.


Can I Avoid Linea Nigra?


Linea Nigra is an unavoidable
phenomenon during pregnancy. What you can do, however, is to take some
preventive measures to protect your skin against further darkening such as
wearing clothes that protect you from harmful UV ray exposure and sticking to
your natal vitamins to keep your skin healthy and over-all body in top shape.


Never opt, do any procedure, or apply
any creams that can pose harm to your unborn child. Before anything else, it is
best to consult you obstetrician to ensure safety and prevent harm.


Is Developing Linea Nigra Safe?


Totally. Developing Linea Nigra is a
normal process that you undergo or experience during pregnancy. In a study, it
says that about 75 percent of women from all over the world experience
darkening of their skin and other parts of the body during pregnancy.


Are There Any Treatment That I Can Do
Or Avail To Get Rid Of The Pigmentation?


Most experts do not necessarily
suggest any treatment to get rid of Linea Nigra, but if women do really prefer
to get rid of it, some may suggest laser treatments or applying topical creams
to lighten the area after pregnancy. Although, experts are careful with
prescribing especially when a woman is breastfeeding. Some undergo procedure
when the child turns a bit older or when the woman stops breastfeeding.


The Myth About Linea Nigra: Can It
Tell The Gender Of My Baby?


This myth has been going on for
countless of years. It has been a favorite old wives’ tale. The
myth claims that when the line extends to your navel, chances are you are
having a girl. A line that extends further up indicates that your child is a
boy. However, these tales do not have any evidences to back them up.


Embrace such changes in your body because
it only means that you are capable of carrying another human being and able to
procreate life as you should do. Congratulations on your pregnancy!