Portuguese to do things in a wrong way

Portuguese losing control in the region: After the failure of the fourth campaign of the Portuguese invasion to Bahrain, the Portuguese power somehow become weak, because the spread of many rebellions in the region to end the Portuguese control. The Portuguese power had decreased not because of their harsh treatment to the people of Bahrain which led to rebellions going against their administrations, but the way of Portuguese controlling things in the region had affected them in a bad way. Moreover, Portuguese couldn’t provide enough numbers in the region to remain in control with full power and they used mercenaries which wasn’t really a trustworthy as if they used their own soldiers to control things. Added to that, the distance between Portugal and Bahrain made delay in responses in some series circumstances which led to do things in a wrong way and effect the people of Bahrain and the Portuguese government and administration in Bahrain. Furthermore, a breach of trust had spread amongst the Portuguese officials for money, so many information’s about Portuguese administrations had been leaked to the rebellions and other European powers. Besides, Portuguese made huge mistake that preventing would ended many problems, which was building their fortress on the coast for example Bahrain fortress and it had been an easy way for pirates to attack them and not mingle with the people of Bahrain to gain their trust. Europeans naval power against Portuguese in the region: Europeans power had their interest in the gulf especially the British power, when they noticed the monopoly of Portuguese in the gulf brought great success and wealth to the royalty of Portuguese. However, the monopoly policy was based on not allowing trade between the gulf and India to weaken the Islamic commerce and improve their own economic benefits. The Portuguese monopoly policy had many disadvantages for the region and the people of Bahrain as they were only focusing on their own benefits. The profits from this policy was only given to the royalty of Portugal, so the Europeans powers so this as an advantage to them to end tis policy and trade of Portuguese in the gulf. The British, Dutch and French had established companies that will allow other people to gain profits in terms of trades not only their administration and to overcome the Portuguese monopoly policy. These companies had successfully removed Portuguese in term of trades and weaken them in all sides and helped Bahrain to get rid of Portuguese control , but eventually these companies had ended after about 30 years because of war problems. The end of Portuguese rule in Bahrain: A rebellion was started by Rukun Al Din Masood when he noticed that the Portuguese power had decreased and removed the harmozi governor in Bahrain that was appointed by the Portuguese as his first step. The people of Bahrain noticed the leadership of this rebellion will bring success and, so they sided with it to end the Portuguese control and heavy taxes upon them. When the rebellion threats had grown in the region the Portuguese to send ships from India to stop this rebellion, Rukun Al Din requested help from the ruler of shiraz Imam Quli khan to and the safawi ruler shah abbas to opposes the Portuguese army and end their control. They ofcourse agreed to gain control in the area and managed to take Gomboorn under their control. Shah Abbass decided to give benefits and ports in he gulf to the European companies that was established to end the Portuguese monopoly policy trade, in return to help them to get rid of the Portugal control in the region and by the European naval power themselves and indeed this led that Portuguese were unable to regain Bahrain under their control and focusing not to lose their power in terms of trade against the Safawi’s and the British, joint power but they failed too. Due to these procedures, Bahrain area was under regional powers control.