Peru Street Children and Prostitution

So many street children living in Peru. It is estimated by UNICEF that more than 50 million children are obliged to face harsh life situations in Latin America. According to UNICEF, between 8 and 15 million children in Peru live asstreet-children and most of them become prostitutes out of necessity. Children drop out of school and begin to get by through prostitution. The primary reason could be listedas uneducated parents, poverty,kidnapping children and forced them to be sex slave and orphans, unconsciousness and insufficient organizations to raise awareness of prostitution. Despite the lack of funds,change has occurred throughout years and hope for a better future Peru’s street children exist.

When children don’t see any restrictions from their families, they begin not to feel sorry for being apart ofbody workers. Child Prostitution occurs when someone benefits from a commercial transaction in which a child is made available for sexual purposes. Dan Collyn’s article “Peru: Sex Work or School” between a Peruvian prostitute girl and journalist is very certain. For instance, “I became a prostitute out of necessity, but also for adventure. At first, it seemed nice, but later Irealized that what we do is very risky. But that is how you get to know life. I think my parents have realised what I do, but they try to ignore it. If they ask me I don’t pay any attention. But they must know because sometimes I bring home money” (Collyns).

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In Peru, children become prostitutes out of their will and it is very clear that it is not for choice but it become their reality to be one. It is easier way to make money and survive in the subordinates. Most of these parent are uneducated, therefor it becames very regular to them seeing their children being a prostitues and making money. As the girl says “they know because cometimes I bring home money,” it is very simple for parent to be blind to the fact that their children …