Personal these two years, I have learned the

        Personal Study Statement

I started to work in S.T.W. Dr. Catherine F. Woo Memorial School as a TSS (Technical Service Support) from 2013. In these couple of years, I spent a lot of effort to establish and maintain a good IT environment in this school. I wish to work in this place in the future because I like this school. However, TSS is not a sustainable career. Thus, I was encouraged to be a teacher and I determine this is my ambition in the future. In these a few years, I have many chance to take part in class assisting such as prepare the learning materials of STEM class, and lead group of student to participate in some external competitions and exchange tour.

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I am studying the BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology which is held by the SCOPE of City University of Hong Kong and Staffordshire University. I am going to graduate in 2018. In these two years, I have learned the knowledge on planning, condition analysis and project management. Such as the SWOT analysis, this methodology is not only applied to business, but also can be applied on education, for example, when I am managing a class of students, I can find out what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each of them first, then I can make the group that students can help each other.


Besides, I have learned the knowledge of Data mining from the subject of Data Management and I am using this topic as my final year project. It is an interesting technique and trends to develop in each industry. In general, Data mining involves big data, it is used to make the predictions by a large amount of data, and assist to management to make decision based on the supportable data and predictions. The school management always issues the questionnaires to students. However, they are only to process some basically surveys and statistics. In facts, these data can be accumulated and combined to make the further survey. For example, there are two different questionnaires, one is the study hobby of each student, and another one is the survey on students’ exam result, these surveys seem to be no relationship, but you can find out the probability that how the study hobby to affect the exam result of a student. According to these analyses, the school management can issue the same questionnaire of the study hobby to the students of the next year and attempt to predict the abilities of them.


Moreover, in the study of the advanced diploma and the bachelor degree, I was majoring in business, therefore it always involves in mathematics. For example, the Interest-Rate Calculation for the bank loan and the Break-even point calculation for Strategic Entrepreneurship. These are not profound measurement, it is just an advanced application on Multiplication and Division in mathematics. I believe that I can introduce these practical application to student while the mathematics lesson, in order to enrich the content in the lesson, and make student to understand the importance of mathematics in real life.


To summarize of my personal study statement. Nowadays, use of computers and new technologies have become a crucial part of e-learning as well as teaching, my academic background and job skill will be the advantages, I can introduce the new technique and innovative idea to assist in school management and teaching in lesson.