Performance method of task like that planning and


management is what you do or does not. Performance management is different
method of task like that planning and performs through effectively and
efficiency then in last performs the action. Performance management is a
process of communication between supervisor and employee that occur throughout
the year. It is accomplishing
the strategic goals of the organization. The communication process is
identifying setting goals execution and reviewing the result. Performance
management is an interaction with your employees at every step. It is an
opportunity with an employee in to a learning occasion. In performance
management determine major duties, define performance standard for each duties,
documents job performance, Evaluate job performance and then hold a performance

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Compensation is very important for any organization. Most of
the companies compensate of retain their employees through give bonuses, reward
provide facilities, golden shake hand and other etc. It is consider of vision, mission
and strategy of the company and these components are linked and aligned with
each other. Compensation comes from HR department of the organization. It is
the tool which is used the company to reward and manage to their employees,
that they perform effectively and efficiency. Compensation system is an
attractive system, to attracting the employees through bonuses, rewards and
different type of facilities. Compensation has many types like completely fixed
it could be per month per year and some fixed component according employee
performance or result that mean employee meet his target on not. Compensation
plays a maximum amount of regular breaks like monthly payments. The most
important thing is compensation decrease the turnover rate.


management role in HR;

management is plays an important role in organization. As an employee role in
HR works perform effectively and efficiently and achieve goals individual bases
with the help of organization. Manager and employees set together and set
goals. The process, in which employees and manger works together and the
organization works for company’s target. Organization clearly communicates and
involve in their employees.
Performance management should be compensated with other function talent
management should be connected to the TND. HR does not run without that process

management role as a modern organization needs to
manage its performance
and the development of employees.

management as a setting the performance
standards, monitoring the progress and building strong succession plans for the

management Provides systematic and formal feedback to employees and managers

Performance management role as a motivate employees and giving the
development of the       organization the
direction the goals and tasks of managers and employees should be aligned with
the business strategy.

Why performance Management important;

increase the company competitiveness and
maximize the productivity.

It is increase the employee advancement.

is increase the high quality of product and services.

Compensation role in HR;

is very important part of organization. There are about to pay compensation and
benefits of budget management, setting up performance standards, setting up
transparent compensation policies, and introduction of job benefits.

order to avoid the level of high ranking, in the agreement, maintaining the
talent at the top of the organization plays an important role. Maintains high
quality of compensation and service, the organization should encourage jobs. The
compensation is to provide payroll data after the proposed amendment to the
mind of the bird budget.

Why compensation important in HR;

is the way of attracting to the employee to do perform well and efficient. It
is very important for motivating and retaining the is a benefit
package to give the employee for better performance.

is decrease turnover rate.

Discussion at performance management;

have already discussed what performance management is. Now we are further
discussing performance management. It is the process in which managers and
employees work together. Performance management is different method of task
which is included plane, work do effectively and efficiency and after action of
your performance. Performance management is identifying the actual performance
and purpose, measure according to the objective after that develop. The last process
identifies that GAP and removes it, and achieves company goals through training
and development. The individual goals engaged with organizational goals through
performance management. Through performance management company makes decision
of retention and termination.

at compensation;

is very important of HR. It is
dependent into the performance of the employee. In compensation discuss salary,
benefits, incentives, bonuses golden shake hand shields etc. but now
compensation plans is completely change, companies compensate through give
packages and employees develops process for retain their employees.

other companies adopt these method of compensate for their employees like
housing facilities system and development the employee through tower




management and compensation both variables are dependent to each other because,
without performance management company does not compensate to the employees. We
observed both variables are very important and base of HR. On the performance
and evaluation of the employee company compensate to his employees.

based on performance management if we compensate our employee then they
performs efficiently. So that’s why both variable are depend each other.