Pearl the French coastline. There were some 5,000

Harbor: In 1941 on December 7th Japan Attacked America. This
attack took place at naval base of Pearl Harbor in Honolulu Hawaii. Around 8
a.m. Sunday morning Japanese fighter planes assaulted the base. The Japanese
managed to destroy 20 ships, 300 airplanes and kill 2,400 Americans in the
attack. The day after the attack Congress asked to declare war. On December 8th
war was declared.  

                The significance of Pearl
Harbor was that is brought the American people together to face a common enemy.
We grow as a people and remembered our love for our great country. With the
attack we also enter the war after two years of trying to stay out of it. With
everything that happened it inevitably caused the US to drop the first atomic

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June 16th 1944 is known as D-Day. Some 160,000 men landed on the
50 mile stretch of the French coastline. There were some 5,000 ships and 13,000
plus aircraft used in the assault. More than 9,000 men were wounded or lost
their life that day.

                The significance of D-day
was that it gave thousands of soldiers a hold in Europe to defeat Hitler.
Without there sacrifice the war may have not been won. The sacrifice those
brave men made our still told today in books, movies, and bed time stories.  


Holocaust: The Holocaust was the mass genocide of 6 million Jews and
others such as gypsies and homosexuals because they were seen as an inferior
race. The first concentration camp was opened in July 1933. The Holocaust took
place from Jan 1933 to May of 1945 with some 17 Million victims all together.

                The horrors of the Nazis did
to the Jew is still talked about to this day and is a hard pill to swallow.
There are many movies, book, and firsthand accounts of what happened. Since
then we have many things put in place to keep things like this from ever
happening again.   


Project: The Manhattan Project was an operation during World War II.
The goal of the project was to create the world’s first nuclear weapon. The
project was led by the United States and backed by our allies. It started in
1939 and completed in Dec of 1946. The project was led by Robert Oppenheimer
and had it first successfully test in July 1945.

                There are many ups and downs
of the Manhattan Project. The use of the bomb put an end to WWII .It brought
one the cleanest energy sources to use. The bad is well there are nuclear
weapons. It also kicked off the cold war. The US alone has enough nuclear
weapons to destroy the world itself.


Armstrong: Neil Armstrong was born Aug 5th 1930 in Wapakoneta
OH, We was an astronaut, engineer, and aerospace engineer. Armstrong was the
pilot for the Gemini 8 mission witch launched in March of 1966. He was also the
first person to walk on the moon.  He
died on Aug 25 2012.

                When you think of Neil
Armstrong you think America. That’s exactly what he was. He was everything that
is great about America. What we can do if we really put our mind to it. The
great things we can accomplish when we work as a team and unite as one.



                From 1941
to 1945 there were many campaigns. These campaigns crucial to the outcome of
the war. Many lives and equipment was lost in these battles and if it wasn’t
for their sacrifice the world we live in today would be complete different. The
campaign that I’m going to talk about are the Pacific Air Offensive, the Philippine
Islands Campaign, the East Indies Campaign, the Bismarck Archipelago Campaign,
and the Guadalcanal Campaign

Air Offensive: The Pacific Air Offensive took place from April 1942 to
September of 1945. During this time span numerous strikes where made against
Japan. These air strikes caused massive destruction to many cities and killed
hundreds of thousands of people. During the end of the campaign the United
States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki nearly destroying the
cities complete.

Islands Campaign: The Philippine Islands Campaign took place from December 1941
to May of 1942. The Philippines where assaulted by the Japanese. The Japanese
where greatly outnumbered but it was by a mix inexperienced units. The Japanese
thinking they won pulled a majority of their troops and fire power out. With
this the American and Filipino mixed units were able to hold their ground. Some
23,000 men lost their life.

Indies Campaign: The East Indies Campaign took place between January and July
of 1942. The Japans had their sights set on East Indies because the natural resources.
The Japans where very interested in the oil fields and rubber farms. The Japans
needed the oil desperately to win the war. They didn’t have any of their own
nor could they produce enough to support their needs so they sent a massive
amount of fire power to the Indies.

Archipelago Campaign: The Bismarck Archipelago Campaign took place in December
of 1943 to November of 1944. The Japanese had control of most of the area from
Burma to the Bismarck. They were trying to force the Allied troops into battle
to try and get a surrender. This plain backed fired when the Allies in the
Pacific struck the island of Guadalcanal turning the offence into a defense.

Campaign: The Guadalcanal Campaign otherwise known as the battle of Guadalcanal
took from August of 1942 to February of 1943. The Battle of Guadalcanal was the
first significant between the allied forces and Japan. The Marines arrived on
the island with the mission of stopping the Japanese from destroying there
supply lines and set up a bases of operations. The Marines outnumbered the Japanese and eventually took control
of the island. The Japanese tried serval time to take back the island with no