Peacekeeping is a requirement for the peacekeeping operation

forces have characteristics that must be fulfilled in carrying out the task.
This characteristic is a requirement for the peacekeeping operation to proceed
as planned and achieve the desired objectives. The first characteristic is the
consent of the conflict party to conduct peacekeeping operations. This is the
basis for the peacekeeping force to carry out its mandate and the basis for
carrying out peacekeeping operations. In addition, conflict parties should also
know which countries or parties are joining the peacekeeping forces. This is
done to prevent any intervention in the internal affairs of the conflicting
parties and to avoid alignment with either party in a conflict. Peacekeeping
forces are also entitled to their rights in performing such duties as being
granted free movement and adequate facilities as long as they perform their
duties. If one of the conflicting parties opposes the operation of the
peacekeepers, then the operation can not run effectively

The UNSC is
responsible for monitoring and ensuring that such operations are accepted by
the conflict and the mandate given must be clear and in line with the purpose
of establishing the peacekeeping operation. In addition, UNSC is also
responsible if there are deviations in operations carried out by peacekeeping
forces established by it. The Secretary-General of the United Nations will also
request UNSC intervention in the peacekeeping operation if the conflicting
party is not cooperative. The mandate given to peacekeeping forces should be
clear with the aim of getting support from conflict parties (

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second characteristic is that peacekeeping forces are joint members of UN
member states that are volunteered. The Secretary-General of the United Nations
provides guidance and to the peacekeeping forces involved in the operation and
UNSC is responsible for reporting periodically on developments or operational
issues occurring in the operation to the Secretary-General of the United
Nations. Peacekeeping forces are not authorized to use weapons in operation,
except to protect themselves. The peacekeeping operation also requires a stable
financial flow. The financing of peacekeeping operations is a fundamental
aspect of any form of operation. Currently, almost all operations focus on
financing operations in member countries. If not get enough funding, then the
operation can not run effectively. This sometimes raises concerns for member
countries because besides having to spend money, they are also concerned about
the safety of soldiers who become peacekeepers in conflicting countries (