Panasonic building products, electronic materials, and automation controls.

Panasonic Corporation (PC)
formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1918
by Konosuke Matsushita and is headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. The
company changed its name to Panasonic Corporation in October 2008. This is a
Japanese multinational corporation where its main business is
in electronics manufacturing and it produces over 15,000 different
products under different names including Panasonic, Technics, Sanyo (which became
a subsidiary of Panasonic on December 21, 2009) and Ramsa Professional Audio
Systems. (Panasonic, 2008)


In 2018 it will be 100 years
since the company was first established
and it has successfully grown to become the largest Japanese electronics
producer. Panasonic now ranks in as the 7th largest consumer electronics
company in the world, by sales. Other than manufacturing electronic and
electrical products, Panasonic offers non-electronic products and services such
as home renovation services. (Panasonic, 2016)

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Panasonic is comprised of 14
business domain companies which have over 680 companies in the world. This
company offers a variety of products and services such as manufacturing and
selling electronic and electric products, systems and components for consumer,
business, and industrial uses around the world.


The company also offers video and
audio equipment, information and communications equipment such as security
system, electronic products, Internet-enabled equipment, flat-panel and plasma
TV series, blue-ray disc and DVD recorders, digital video cameras, personal
computers, and mobile phones. Besides that, the company also offers an
automotive electronics, including car navigation systems, engine control units,
and batteries. It also produces home appliances which consist of refrigerators,
room air conditioners, washing machines and vacuum cleaners, coffee maker, dish
washer, microwave oven, bread maker and steam iron.


Furthermore, the company
manufactures, sells, installs, and provides services related to various products
that include electrical construction materials, home appliances as mentioned
before, building products, electronic materials, and automation controls. In
addition, it also provides semiconductor products such as electronic devices,
batteries, and electric motors for usage in home appliances, industrial
equipment, and office products.