Pakistan intentionally. Thirdly, Pakistan and China consult each

              Pakistan has a long and strongest relationship with China.
China-Pakistan relationship began in 1950 when Pakistan was the first Muslim
country to accept Republic China. Firstly,
this relationship is mutually beneficial. China has supported Pakistan in many
matters as well as Pakistan does. Secondly,
China and Pakistan are good all weather friends”. Both countries stood by each
other in more than 65 years of friendship over the great changes take place
intentionally. Thirdly, Pakistan and
China consult each other regularly on regional issues and cooperate closely
internationally. It is always hoped that the relationship between both
countries will continue to flourish. This relationship has made positive
contribution to peace in South Asia.


(China–Pakistan Economic Corridor) a
collection of projects worth of $46 billion between Pakistan and China played
vital role in betterment of economic development of Pakistani infrastructure. Firstly, by construction of modern
transportation networks. For example, 1,100 km long motorway between Karachi
and Lahore, Karakoram
Highway between Rawalpindi and the Chinese border etc.
Secondly, by implementing energy
projects. For example, a network of pipelines to
transport liquefied natural gas and oil, including a $2.5 billion pipeline
between Gwadar and Nawabshah to eventually transport gas
from Iran. Electricity from these projects will primarily be generated
from fossil fuels, though hydroelectric and wind-power projects are also
included. Thirdly, by management of
water resources, livestock and other fields of agriculture. Thus CPEC is a
landmark project in the history of Pakistan. It is the largest investment
Pakistan has attracted since independence and largest by China in any foreign country.CPEC
is considered economically vital to Pakistan in helping it drive economic

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                    There are strong political,
military and security ties between China and Pakistan. Firstly, China has played a major role in the development of
Pakistan’s nuclear infrastructure by providing nuclear weapons and military
weapons. For example, JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft etc. Secondly, China’s government
appreciated Pakistan’s fight against terrorism eliminating Al-Qaida,
Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan etc. Thirdly,
in the field of defense China has assisted Pakistan in setting up Pakistan
Aeronautical Complex a maritime projects for navy and missile factories. Also
it provides political barrier against India.


China is Pakistan’s second largest trade partner. Firstly, China Sold 8 submarines to Pakistan for $5 billion a
largest military sell ever. Secondly,
most nuclear weapons are imported from China as well as missiles. Thirdly, a large amount of products
used in Pakistan are Chinese products. So China Pakistan relationship is
mutually beneficial no doubt.


China being a Pakistan’s big brother has always contributed in regional
peace, cultural and mutual understanding with other countries of region. Firstly, he has always stressed on the
arrangement of mutual dialogue between India and Pakistan over the issue of
Kashmir and supported Pakistan in protection of independence and sovereignty. Secondly, Pakistan supported China on
the issues of Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang. Thirdly,
both states gave importance in increasing cultural relationship by exchanging
cultural troops. Also leaders of two nations exchanged visits in recent years.
Thus China appreciates Pakistan effort to expand Chinese language and
institutes in Pakistan. The friendship between Pakistan and China is so
important for our foreign policy. It is a friendship which is not against any
country but contributes to the peace and stability in Asia and world.