Over to be put on substance abuse because

Over 30 million children live in a home where parents struggle with substance abuse. The focus is mainly put on children for this not the parents, because children may not live with those parents due to separation, divorce, abandonment, or death. Even though the parents stop the addiction through rehab, children still feel like they’re being abused because that’s what most of their life was consisted of. These addictions have effects on children by causing medical problems, psychiatric disorders, sexual abuse, and interfere with the child’s education. Substance abusers have an effect on people around them and a part of those people are children. For example, many people get killed from people that drive under influence and a part of those people are children. Many adolescents also look up to people like their family or celebrities that do drugs which influences them greatly. Also, adolescents in high school and in college get influenced by parties that are thrown that include underage drinking and drugs, and many people are likely to drink and do drugs most of the time because of peer pressure which can lead to addiction. A stop needs to be put on substance abuse because it’s affecting people greatly today and rates continue to rise over the years. For stopping drug abuse, we should build hospitals that help with drug addiction, by giving people who have drug addiction the amount they were taking in and decreasing it while giving them a supportive environment. For people who have an alcohol addiction we should higher taxes on alcohol, so that people buy less alcohol or don’t  buy it at all because it will be expensive. When a child’s parents are divorced or a child is separated from their parents due to substance abuse, it affects the child greatly. Children whose parents get divorced lose their sense of security from their parents (“Are Children More Likely To Use Drugs After A Divorce?”, 2016). This challenging for a child because they have to try to adapt to, two different living situations and make sense out it, not like a normal child who lives a normal life, and doesn’t have to get wrapped up into trying to find how to live through these two different lifestyles. These children may start taking steps toward what their parents lifestyle was consisted of, because they were so exposed to it and at the same time they’re suffering of trying to have a normal average life like many of those around them because they feel as if they don’t fit in. The only people they feel they fit in with are those people that do drugs and drink all the time because they deal with the same situations (Sonia Tagliareni, 2016), yet they still deal with pain because everyone’s situation is different. They deal with this pain by drinking and doing drugs because it puts them in a state of mind where they forget what it feels like in the real world and makes them feel as if they’re in the world they want to be in. They blame their mistakes on their parents very often because they feel as if they’re not getting the love and support from them, and that’s why they turn to these addictions. Parents with addiction are so taken up in it, that they don’t pay attention to their child anymore and this makes the child feel as if their parents have abandoned them. A child also witnesses how parents always have the mood swings, being aggressive all the time, and being easily irritated (Addiction Effects On Children, 2012), these things take a major toll on a child’s mindset. Neglect is one of the major things for a child with parents that have an addiction, because parents don’t really look out for the child as much and don’t provide for their basic needs in life,  because they’re too busy spending that money on things to fulfill their addiction. Over the years rates of drug overdose and alcohol addiction have gone up. In 2015 there were 52,404 deaths in the US from drug overdose of those deaths, 19,447 were females and 32,957 were males (How Many People Die From Drugs, Each Year?, n.d). Also in 2009 a study was conducted, and 18% of people that were killed in car crashes were on at least one type of drug. Also in 2010 a study was conducted nationwide and it appeared that in deadly car crashes 47% people were tested for drugs and tests were positive, from those tests 37% of those people were under influence of marijuana and the other 10% was under influence of cocaine. Some parents with addictions are sometimes willing to go to rehab to help stop their addiction and try to build back their family. They probably start to do this because they have realized their mistake and realize they need to fix it. Even though the child may be happy that the parent is finally correcting themselves and trying to get help to stop their addiction they still feel anger, abandonment, and insecurity. Most of this happens because some children have to go through counselling and when things resurface in their minds it makes them angry and sad. Going to rehab may also uncover illegal things the parent may have done to their child, which may lead into the child being taken away from the parent for safety because people fear further things may happen to the child. The hardest part of this stage is for bot the parent and the child because the child has been so separated from the parent they feel like they don’t have an emotional connection with them anymore and for them to bond is a major challenge (Addictions Among Parents, n.d). Although it puts lots of stress on the parent they’re committed to break that barrier and change their life for the better, and a part of that change in their lives is to  meet new people through rehab, which helps them a lot, by letting them speak out their problems.Common medical problems caused by substance abuse are usually birth defects. Mothers that are substance abusers have a really high chance in birth defects. Also if a child is growing up in a household where crystal meth is being made they intake the fumes and it gets into their system, and this has a bad effect on the  brain because dopamine levels are too high, and this causes the child to have lack of emotional stability. If a mother drinks while she’s pregnant it’s very likely for the child to develop Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and this leads to the child having abnormal facial features, problems with hearing or vision, growth problems, not being able to learn, and a great effect on the nervous system. If a mother smokes illegal drugs or cigarettes the child has direct access to it and it increases the chance of birth defect. If the mother is doing drugs while shes pregnant shes putting her own life at risk including her baby’s life too. Also if the mother used to smoke or drink before getting pregnant exposes the child to have have bad memory and changes in brain structure. Another effect on children is psychiatric disorders at a young age. Children can develop ADHD, behavior disorders, depression, and anxiety. Children with ADHD and behavior disorders, always have  an impulsive behavior and always have trouble adjusting to things. Depression and anxiety always make children seem as him they’re not good enough and have a low self-esteem, they also feel as if they’re being constantly judged. This makes children stressed at a very young age when they shouldn’t be feeling this way. They should be feeling loved and cared about, and have someone there for them when they need them, not feeling as if they’re not pleasing their parents because of the way they’re treated. A very common effect on children is sexual abuse. Parents are not in their right state of mind especially when they’re drunk, and they force themselves onto the child taking advantage of them. Many children are then very shy and want to relive that moment again so they start to turn to drugs and alcohol, and children often get mental illnesses from that event and it affects them forever, and this also happens if they become substance abusers too. Substance abuse also interferes with a child’s education, by having mental issues or being bullied which can lead to mental issues too. Many children get bullied because of their physical appearance, for example if a child dresses differently than the others or looks different he will be treated differently, often in a rude manner. Children also get bullied a lot if they have mental disabilities and have speech problems. These things are caused by substance abusers and kids shouldn’t be blamed for it or be made fun of for being like that because they didn’t choose to be like that.Many people drive under influence in America today and rates of accidents because of DUI is just getting higher and higher by the years. In 2015, 10,265 people died because of people under the influence of alcohol (Impaired Driving: Get The Facts, 2017), and of those deaths, 1,132 were children. In America, every 51 minutes someone dies because of being in an alcohol related car crash. Not only do adults just cause these accidents many underage drinkers such as teens do too. ¼ of fatal teen accidents are caused because of underage drinking, and 5.8% 16-17 year olds have admitted that they have drove under influence and 15.1% 18-20 years olds have admitted to driving under influence (Teen Driver Car Accident Statistics & Facts, n.d). Many of these teens attend parties with underage drinking and drugs, many are under peer pressure and people that are substance abusers encourage them to drink or do the drugs, that’s why they do it which leads them to addiction sometimes. The reason why they fall into addiction is because they lets the substance abusers get into their head, and the faster they do the harder it is for the person to overcome this addiction, that’s why it’s dangerous to attend these parties. Most teens in college turn to drugs because of stress and because they’re curious because is doing so they say why not try it too. From all the stress they use the drugs to help calm them down and help let them focus, and curiosity because they want to experiment new things and try to fit in with others, but this sometimes takes a negative turn to addiction. Adolescents nowadays listen to all these rappers music always talking about drugs and drinking, and obviously they look up to these people do they think that what they’re talking about is right for them and that they should try it. Rappers music also promotes violence too and teens think this is cool and want to have that type violence in their life, but it’s just bringing them danger for their adulthood. Rap music also changes teens behaviors because they think changing in the negative way is going to be better and dropping out of school to drugs, thinking they’re going to pursue their dream of becoming a successful rapper is very unlikely to happen. Many teens who listen to rap music have a bad behavior and also use drugs and alcohol. For example many teens looked up to Lil Peep, a 21 year old rapper, who died recently from overdose of drugs. Teens looked up to him because of his rebellious behavior that stood out to them. Although he had strong messages through his songs about anxiety and depression, he still did write about drugs which in my opinion influences teens to keep doing drugs, “I don’t wanna die alone right now, but I admit I do sometimes These drugs are callin’ me, do one more line” (Lil Peep – The Song They Played | Genius Lyrics, n.d). Also, another rapper that teens look up to is XXXTentacion. This rapper promotes violence, drugs, and also promotes strong messages from life experience that kids should take to help them through life. XXX was imprisoned for drugs many times and for abuse of women, yet many teens look up to him and his music, because like others his music also promotes violence and is aggressive, “Offense or defense, passive or violent I’ll cut my wrists till my heartbeat is silent with the shell in my hand I’m equipped with the pump shots in her body until she is a stump” (XXXTENTACION – Skin Lyrics | Genius Lyrics, 2015). In conclusion, to put a stop on substance abuse is almost impossible, but if we had a specific hospital to help people with drug addiction they should go there and get some help. The help they should receive is by starting off with giving them the dose of drugs they’re taking at that moment and let them have it and slowly start to reduce the dose they take while they also get therapy and it will help put a stop to it or make drug addiction less throughout the US. In Singapore there is a hospital that is built for people with drug addiction. The reason that led them to building this hospital was increased HIV rates and street crime. They gave people an aid that had clean needles and heroin, and let them stay in the hospital with a very clean and stable environment.  If someone is caught using drugs they can be sentenced death, prison, or immediately taken to a drug treatment center. (“Drug Addiction in Singapore”, n.d). Also, because of doing this the HIV rates in Singapore went down after these programs, and people have a healthy life. Overall they keep improving, last year they only had 408 cases of HIV, and in 2012 they had 469 cases, and most of the cases they get now are not because of drugs. For people who are addicted to alcohol, my opinion is to put very high taxes on them so that people wouldn’t be able to buy large amounts and just keep buying them because it’s so cheap. In America the least tax you pay for alcohol is $2.00, in Missouri, and the most tax you have to pay is $33.54, in Washington. Despite people paying $33.54 tax for alcohol, Washington is the second top state with the most alcohol abusers, and Missouri is the twentieth state even though it has the lowest tax prices. Although this may cause you to run into problems, it may eventually put a small stop to alcohol abusing. Also like the idea of drug addition they should have a wellness center/hospital to get rid of their addiction through therapy and rehab, and while in rehab they should share their stories and make friends. When people are addicted to alcohol they need some sort of support and friends because they feel as they’re lonely, the same idea goes for drug addiction. There isn’t really a way to put a stop on drug selling other than that because drug addicts will obviously want to get the drugs they want for cheaper even though it’s helping them, and hopefully that will make drug dealers most likely lose some of their business.