Our Filipino Society

Greetings ladies and gentleman. I am here in front of you to share some of my thoughts about our Philippine Society. I observed that instead of us trying our best, doing our best in improving our current society, we are doing the exact opposite we are trying to destroy our already or almost destroyed society. I observed that if we won’t change our current way of living, our lifestyle. Instead of doing everything we can to improve our society, our beloved country the Philippines we move to destroy it instead.

So in this little speech of mine, I’m here to share some of my thoughts to everyone who is currently here, in front of me and to the others who are interested to listen to my speech even though they are not here. This thought of mine is just about changing our society through small acts. Such as pitying others. I mean it is a good thing to be concerned about others well-being but do you think that is enough? Instead of JUST pitying them we must also move to help them even a little help can make them feel better instead of just watching them and pitying them.

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Also, WE MUST FOLLOW THE RULES THAT WAS ESTABLISHED ON OUR COUNTRY OR PLACE. This is not easy especially to the current us right now. Because we are accustomed to our old lifestyle that instead of following the rules we break them. Even just the little rules that doesn’t have a heavy punishment, like following the Traffic Rules. This rule was established for our safety. Just by following this rule we can make our society a little safety or if all of us follow this rules it will make a big impact to our society and it will make our society safer.

The last change that I think we must do is a very simple thing it won’t hurt us or cost us anything, it is just simply through a simple action, a simple act of kindness. That instead of us “finding one’s fault”, we must focus on each other’s “success” and appreciate them. This little act can make a big impact to ou…