One’s job and organizational fit is vital in

job and organizational fit is vital in determining if one is right for the job
and will succeed in the organization in the long run. From a generalized
perspective, person job fit refers to how well one’s abilities relates to the
specifications of the job. Person organization fit refers to how well one fits
into the larger organizational culture. One should analyze a company’s
organizational culture before determining if that company is the right place
for personal and career growth. Company goals and values should align with an
employee’s personal goals and values to ensure a strong and intense company
culture which motivates workers to work as a collective and achieve goals
efficiently. Thus, after further analysis of organizational culture and job fit,
I have determined that Google is the right fit as its values align with my own.
I also will be examining the correlation between person-job fit and
organizational fit and its role in deciding Google as my ideal place of

       The article Ethical Context,
Organizational Commitment, and Person-Organization Fit written by Sean
Valentine, Lynn Godkin and Margaret Lucero examines the importance of
person-organization fit. The article defines person-organizational fit as

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“The compatibility between
individuals and organizations” (Kristof, 1996, p. 3). Person-organization
fit can be based on the congruity between personal and organization beliefs
(Valentine, Godkin, Lucero 350).

This quote
highlights the relationship between personal and organization belief and the
need for both to be aligned. If a person is not comfortable with company
principles and values, this most likely would lead to employee turnover. The
person-organization fit is vital to the long term success of both the company
and the employee. Hence, it is very important for an employee to evaluate a
company’s organizational culture before considering working there. A research
article published in 2016 by Mingji Zhang ,Fei Yan, Wei Wang and Guohong Li
analyzes the relationship between employee organization fit and employee
turnover in the health worker community in China. A questionnaire containing
person-organization fit, job satisfaction and turnover intention was
administered to six hundred and fifty six participants in China’s Shanghai,
Shaanxi, Shandong and Anhui provinces. The results found that
person-organization fit was directly related to job satisfaction and inversely
related to job turnover. This case study further emphasizes on the importance
of person-organization fit as its results infer that if organizational values
and personal values are not aligned, employee turnover will occur. Person-job
fit should also play a key role in the hiring process.

       Karen Holcombe Ehrhart’s article “Job
Characteristic Beliefs and Personality as Antecedents of Subjective Person-Job
Fit” examine the aspects of person-job fit. Ehrhart defines person-job fit as:

Fit can be evaluated subjectively or
objectively (Kristof, 1996).Subjective P-J fit refers to individuals’
perceptions regarding how well they fit with a particular job. For example,
employees may be asked the degree to which they feel their job matches their
preferences or needs. Objective P-J fit, on the other hand, pertains to how
well individuals’ reported preferences or characteristics correspond to a job’s
characteristics (Ehrhart 195).

proposes two views to person-job fit; the subjective and objective aspects. The
subjective person-job fit aspect refers to the perception one has about the
desired organization and how well one thinks they would adjust to the desired
job. The objective person-job fit aspect refers to how one’s skills, abilities
and characteristics relate to those required by their jobs. Research done by
Nevin Deniza , Aral Noyanb and Öznur Gülen Ertosun in the paper “Linking
person-job fit to job stress: The mediating effect of perceived person-organization
fit” provides insight into the relationship between person job fit and job
stress which may lead to employee turnover. The researchers hypothesized that a
significant relationship between person-job fit and job stress exists. In this
case study, a total of one hundred and thirty five questionnaires were
completed and literature relating to person-job fit and job stress were
analyzed. The researchers used SPSS software to evaluate the data. Regression
and correlation analysis were also used to analyze the hypothesis in this case.
The research concluded that:

However, person-job fit and job
stress have statistically significant relationships. In particular, person-job
fit dimension has a direct effect on all job stress dimensions while person-job
unfitness has an impact only on social support. When looking at the mediating
relationships, for all person-job fit dimensions, person-organization fit
mediates the relationship with social support and also mediates the control and
person- job unfitness relationship (Deniza, Noyan, Ertosun 375).

Thus, this
research shows that person-job unfitness leads to the employee looking for
social support with the organization. The organizational culture plays a key
role in determining if social support is encouraged or even available as some
employees may simply seek to capitalize on another’s instability. Thus,
analysis of person-job and person-organization fit is crucial in determining
where one wishes to work.

            After great deliberation, I
determined that the organization which fits best for my personal and career
growth is Google. Google has been one of the leaders encouraging
diversification in the workplace. Diversity is imperative as it increases team
job performance. It has even gone as far as firing employees who resists
diversification efforts at the company as seen in the “Memo” controversy which
argued against the hiring of women at Google. The hiring of minorities has been
a slow process at Google but it is surely underway. Being of African and
Caribbean decent, diversity plays a crucial role in determining where I wish to
work. In a recent study, ninety-one percent of Google’s employees where either
White or Asian. However, the representation of minorities in the tech industry
is relatively low and Google has acknowledged this problem and sought to
address it. As per the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report, blacks
and Hispanics make up 7.4% and 8% of the tech industry workforce. Blacks make
up approximately 3% of all new hires at Google. Google and the tech industry as
a whole need to address this problem more effectively. However, this process
takes time and I believe Google has taken steps in addressing this. For
example, Google has encouraged many discussions addressing systematic
oppression such as the discussion titled “The Responsibility and Role of White
People in Responding to Racism” where they address white supremacy with a
person of African descent and a white person thus getting both perspectives.
Thus, google emphasizes upon the improvement of cultural intelligence in its
organizational culture. One’s cultural intelligence is vital to working in
diverse teams. By improving cultural intelligence, Google is laying the
foundation for future improvements in diversity in its workforce. The search
for cultural equality is highlighted in Google’s statement “Equity demands the
right toolkit.” Google is constantly searching for more efficient ways to
increase the relationship between culture and management. I also believe that
Google’s organizational values align with my personal values.

         Leaders should strive to create an
organizational culture which facilitates growth and encourages employees to
feel valued and produce to benefit the collective. Google has effectively done
this by instilling productive values in their organizational culture. Google
emphasizes the well-being of its employees. This includes encouraging risk
taking, provision of food, and access to on-site gyms, on-site child care,
video games and access to health care. I believe that I function best when I
feel valued and appreciated.  Google also
utilizes the consensus decision making style. By doing this, Google ensures
that everyone’s opinions have been heard and that everyone is involved in the
decision making process. Google also possesses a “Search Inside Yourself”
emotional intelligence course which teaches employees how to be aware and
mindful of others. This course was created by Google engineer Chade-Meng Tan in
the attempt to make employees more emotionally stable and able to build and
sustain relationships. Google values the development of emotional intelligence
which is important in ensuring that the possibility of conflict is minimized.
The minimization of conflict is a key factor in choosing the best
organizational fit since I possess an obliging conflict resolution style. That
is, I avoid conflict as much as possible and as a result, I usually give in to
the demands of others. This aspect of Google’s culture perfectly matches up
with my personality trait of conflict avoidance. Thus, I believe that Google’s
values and organizational culture are authentic to my own values since my
cultural values and those of Google align.

ideal position in this organization would be the role of a finance auditor as
it relates to the degree which I am currently pursuing which is a double major
in Accounting and Finance along with a minor in business technology. I believe
that my accounting and finance degree coupled with a minor in business
technology makes me a prime candidate for a technology driven company such as
Google. Google’s core values and philosophies also align with my own in respect
to the ethics required in doing an accounting job.  Google’s philosophy of “You can make money
without doing evil” ensures that I will not be pressured into any wrongdoings
which aligns with both my personal and career goals and values. This job also
requires little emotional labor as I would be working closely with leadership
teams in a financial advisory capacity. The job also requires analysis and
auditing of financial documents, and the enforcing and promotion of ethical
accounting principles. Google also possesses a flat organizational structure
which reduces the politics associated with large corporations. I believe that I
do not possess the political skills required to navigate through corporations
with rigid hierarchy structures. Thus, Google’s flat organizational makes it
possible to eventually gain a leadership role within the organization and
somewhat bypass organizational politics.

      As mentioned above, I think that my
goals, values, and future skills aligns with those of a financial auditor at
google. Thus, a job at Google at the financial auditor position is ideal for my
personal and career growth as I exemplify both person-organization fit and
person-job fit.