Once an ant kingdom, and all nurses are

Once one decides to pledge to Nightingale then becomes a nurse, it means that there would be lots of choices for the person to face. These choices would not affect the person self from how to be a nurse, what a day like as a nurse, as well as what duties would have during working, but also affect hundreds and thousands of patients’ and their families’ life. There are many ways to become a nurse, and it gives chance for people from any age, any status, and any gender to study for being a nurse. The most common way to be a nurse is to have an ADN, which is called associate’s degree in nursing. It always take two or three years to graduate, and according to careeronestop.gov, there are 37 percents of nurses have associate degree. However, with the development of technology, there are more abilities are needed for nurses and more students choose to have a bachelor of science degree in a college or university. Although it takes 4 years for students to graduate and test for the license, students could learn more about science, communication, even computer skill, which is important for nurse to manage patients’ information in the hospital. And those nurses with bachelor degree could study for master degree but associate degree cannot. Also, for some people who are unemployed or want to change job, online classes and diploma programs in hospital and health center are other methods to become a nurse or a license practice nurse. After one pass the National Council Licensure Examination and become a real registered nurse, where to work and what are the duties become the next choice. Different with pilot who could only work on airplane, not all nurse should work in the hospital. There are 61 percents of nurses work in hospital, which means other 39 percents of nurses would work in medical offices, clinics, school and some could serve in the military, even there is a choice called travel nurse, which could work in different cities. In addition, hospital just like an ant kingdom, and all nurses are like different kinds of ants that have their own duties and position. For example, ER nurse is assisting emergency cases, rehabilitation nurse cares for disabled patients,and cardiovascular nurses would take care of patients with heart disease and people who have had heart surgery. Nurses’ titles changed with varied duties and positions. With the difference of educations and working positions, the status are also different. Depending on the education, a BSN could have more opportunities to get a job in hospital than an ADN, and nurses who have master degree or phD could earn nearly 100 thousand dollars in a year. As well as a nurse anesthetist could earn more than a nurse midwives although they are belongs to nurse practitioners and have a master degree. A nurse who works in the hospital sometimes could earn more comparing to a clinic nurse who works 7 to 5, because the day shift and night shift is 12 hours, more working times means more money. And the nurses who have more experience could earn more than the new nurse who have no experience and the entry level payment is near 50 thousand dollars a year. Because of the various choices in a nurse’s career life, the demand of nurses are various and high. As the 18th of 100 best job rank of 2017, registered nurse win the title with high income and bright job outlook. With the growth of population, healthcare system need more hands to help everyone to live a healthy life. Although the AI technology could instead of the some jobs, the technology cannot give the care as nurse could give to a patient. With the shortage of healthcare help and no effect of AI technology, the demand of nurse would growing no matter in 5 or 10 years. Nurses’ choices start from infecting themselves’ life to infecting their patients’ life even patients’ families’ life. Just as Danita Ewing, who works more than 16 years as a nurse, said that, she never regret what she have chosen in life, no matter to be a nurse, to work in a hospital, or the treat for patients. Those people who would like to work for society and never regret their choices is good to be a nurse, they would change their understanding of life during working as a nurse, and changing others’ recognition of the career called nurse.