Oman – Location, History and Islam

My beloved country Oman is not just a small country in the western part of Asia. It is a deep rooted country in the history of the whole world. This country has been famous for its cultural links with all civilizations since the beginning of creation, there were some clear evidences to thedevelopment of these relations between our culture and the other countries with linksof great importance. So in this essay I am going to shed the lights on the contact and relationships between Oman and the other civilizations across our long history, so I am going to concentrate on some points such as; the important location of Oman , the historical evidences to the Omani relations with other civilizations, the link between Oman and the ancient Iraqi civilization andEgyptian civilization, then I ‘ll mention the art crafts and evidences of these relations ,thenin the last part I am going to discuss the historical relations between Oman and Islam .

Firstly ,I should stress the importance of our location that led to the relations and interactions between Oman and other civilizations. The strategic importance of Oman’s location since the first sight when the eye is located on the world map it occupies the heart of the Islamic world and its reaches the endof the eastern border of the Arab world. From this site, which represents the heart of the circle at the entrance to Arabian Gulf, Omanhas a share in the control ofthe entrance of the richest oil-producing regions in the world and through the Strait of Hormuz, which passes more than 60% of the world’s supply also about 90% of Japan’s imports of oil and 70% of imports of the European Common Market and 50% of the needs of the United States of America. So this locationhas enabled Oman since the early ancient history to be in contact with the neighboring regions of the Parties to the eastern and south-east of the Arabian Peninsula, a place of several political powers, dominated by road, sea, …

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