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 Of Mice and Men takes place during the Great Depression. Lennie Small and his best friend George Milton are on there way to a nearby ranch for work. They are keeping low key after escaping a farm in a town called Weed where Lennie who has some mental issues yet would never hurt a fly, was accused of rape because he touched a women to feel her dress. While they were walking Lennie liked to try and catch mice (or anything that was fuzzy) and hold/play with them. However Lennie would always accidentally kill them, so George did not like Lennie to have them.     While on their way to the farm, George told Lennie not to say a word when they got there so the boss did not hear Lennies voice, and realize that something was wrong with him. Lennie is always talking ?about his and Georges dream, when George and Lennie  raise enough money to buy their own piece of land, they will have a small farm. Lennie was always most excited about the rabbit hatch that they were going to build, he wanted to have a hatch filled with rabbits of all different kinds. George kept stressing to Lennie that if he gets into any trouble to go back to the brush near the river where they had been before to wait for George to come and find him. When they got to the farm and reached the bunkhouses and old man named Candy (who had lived on the farm forever) showed them to their beds. Soon the boss came into the bunkhouses and realized that Lennie had some mental problems and asked George why he traveled with him, and George told everyone that Lennie was his cousin (which is a lie). Soon after Curly came into the bunkhouses, Curly is very short and arrogant, he gets very jealous of bigger men because of his little size, he questions Lennie and makes him feel very nervous. Later that night Curlys wife came into the bunkhouse looking fro curly. She was extremely flirtatious because Curly was always busy and never paid any attention to her, so she liked to get it from the other men.     Soon Lennie got exciting news that he was able to get a puppy, which does not end up well. George trusted Slim very well and told him what had happened with the rape accusation in Weed. Later that night Candy overheard George and Lennie talking about their dream and wanted in on the deal. He said that he would pitch in money to be able to buy a piece of land sooner, this all made them very excited. Then Curly barged into the bunkhouses searching for his wife, Curly misunderstood Lennie and thought that Lennie was laughing at him so Curly attacked Lennie. Lennie did not know what to do so he took several punches from Curly, until he looked at George to get permission to attack Curly back. George gave him a nod, and Lennie crushed Curlys hand leaving it broken in several places.?     The next day Lennie accidentally killed his dog by bouncing it too hard, this upset him a lot. Just when Curlys wife came in and caught Lennies eye. Curlys wife started playing with her hair while they were talking and Lennie thought it looked very soft, so she let Lennie touch it. When Lennie became aggressive she screamed, Lennie panicked and snapped her neck. Lennie quickly fled to the brush by the river and waited for George. After Lennie fled, George and Candy found the body and warned the other men. Curly arranged a search party and the men went searching for Lennie. Little did they know that George had sent them in the wrong direction and George went to the river. When George found Lennie, he was hysterical and scared that George was going to be mad at him, and thought that he would not be able to have the rabbit hatch. However George told Lennie that he was not mad at him and George told him that they would talk about their dream. George told Lennie to turn around and look at the river, and while they were talking George grabbed Carlsons gun and shot Lennie in the back of the head. When the other men heard the gun shot they rushed to the spot where George was, George lied and told the men that Lennie had stolen Carlsons gun and the gun got loose in the struggle so he had to shoot Lennie. ?