Nursing started at an early age because I

Nursing is a profession,
which I hope to pursue my career in after witnessing the impact nurses have on
the lives of people. It is a challenging profession where decisions making in a
holistic way are one of important qualities to have as a nurse. It is a very
rewarding job in which I see myself working in the future. My passion for
nursing started at an early age because I grew up in an extended family that
was always there to help each other, and my passion grew further when I started
working as a nurse in my country.  Having
been part of a large family I have learnt to help others and to do be best I
can in everything. I am hard working, motivated and compassionate. I hope I
will be able to apply the skills, techniques and experiences I gain while at
university to my future career path.


When I came to the UK in
2013, I was thrown into a melting pot of cultures, languages, and people, which
was an exciting experience, however I missed not being able to work as a nurse
as I did not have the correct qualification to register as one.  I tried to convert my qualifications and work
in the NHS, however, with being unsuccessful, I started working in a nursing
home where I worked with vulnerable adults suffering from different problems. It
was at the nursing home that I discovered my talent in providing reassurance to
people that felt vulnerable and needed comfort.  When I worked as a health care assistant, I
developed my communication skills and being able to effectively build strong,
trusting relationships, by understanding the needs of the patients.

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During my time at the
hospital back home, I enjoyed talking to and looking after patients who came
from different background and developed relationships with them, which
attracted me, even more to nursing.  My
experience as a staff nurse in my country, also taught me how to work well in a
team with other health care professionals as well as delivering high quality of
care to people I was looking after during that time. All of these
responsibilities have given me important preparation for my planned career, and
served to reaffirm my commitment of the profession. I helped patients with
their daily tasks and just by talking to them let me realise being a nurse is a
path for me. All the skills and knowledge I gained working in a nursing home
made me more confident in pursuing my career as a nurse.  


Furthermore, I worked
alongside doctors and nurses and other health care professionals dealing with
patients with serious illnesses, as well as helping them with personal daily
care in the hospital. It was challenging at times but the job felt rewarding at
the same time. It was there where I saw first hand the determination and dedication
it takes to be a nurse. I have a positive attitude, willing to provide the
university course with a will to learn and have self-awareness when under
pressure. I understand that this is a life long learning opportunity, which I
am very excited to join.


In the hope of studying
nursing at university, I studied access to nursing course at Guildford College,
I believe this course has helped me develop and improve my knowledge and skills
in anatomy and physiology, Communication skills, Nutrition, ICT and many more.
It also helped me enhance my communication effectively with various people. The
course equipped me with skills like organisation, meeting deadlines, being
compassionate and confident.


Nursing is a very demanding
profession and I am fully aware of the roles and responsibilities, and have
already encountered many of emotional and physical problems it can solve.
However, I am determined to care for others and make a difference to people’s
lives. I believe I have the motivation to become a qualified nurse in the fast
changing and demanding environment. I am confident that I can meet these challenges
and choosing nursing will help me full fill my ambition of supporting
vulnerable people. This will be an exciting journey filled with challenges and
opportunities and I am looking forward to this new adventure.