Nowadays facts, being more thorough in their investigations

Nowadays a great deal of youth in different countries prefers to avoid everything connected to the news in newspapers or on TV. They don’t want watch, read or even hear them. And with every year this situation becomes more an more global. So what are the reasons of that and what could be the solution of this so called problem?Probably the first and the most common reason why young people do not like news is that they consider them to be boring and dull. Young generation doesn’t want to hear about negative staff, they don’t want to know about somebody else’s problems or be a part of them, because as a rule that’s all what you can hear or see turning on a regular news channel. And of course in the age where we have access to the enormous variety of information youth prefers the information that doesn’t make them stressed or worried. Secondly, for example in Ukraine, watching news doesn’t mean to hear the truth about the situation in the world. Mass medias are often used as a tool for truth manipulation and influencing the mood of our societies. Taking into account everything mentioned before, there are several ways to solve the problem. First of all the content of mass media shouldn’t be just solely about problems, wars, disasters, conflicts etc. Reporters should try to light up news with the information about good staff happening in the world. The other solution is the bigger number of alternative newspapers and news channels that would highlight events only with solidly proved facts, being more thorough in their investigations and being more resistible from influence of different authorities.Summing up everything said before – the problem with youth not willing to read or watch news is a really crucial for our society. As they are not conscious of the real situation around them, thus being the ones who should change this world for better they do not even try. So mass media should make all the efforts to solve this situations to make sure that the future of our world is in solid conscious grab of well informed and conscious youth.