Now cloud for financial transactions. It is not

Now days, most of the people are showing their interest in
cryptocurrency. Currently the cryptocurrency which is in trend is Bitcoin. Recently
some websites claims that Reliance Jio is also planning to launch its own
crypto currency and the name will be Reliance Jio Coin. If you are also curious
to know Jio Coin and Jio Coin Price then this article is for you. Here we have gathered
all available information on one place about Jio Coin and Jio Coin Price.

Reliance has successfully defeated all its competitors in
network field by Launching “Reliance Jio” According to the latest information
now it is planning to launch reliance Jio Coin Crypto Currency. The Reliance Jio
Coin project will lead by the Akash Ambani son of Mr. Mukesh Ambani. A team of
50 young professionals is working on Reliance Jio Coin idea. Any Official
announcement is not made by the Mukesh Ambani or any Reliance Authorities about
Reliance Jio Coin but people are expecting and hoping that it will be available
soon. Reliance Jio team is working on Blockchain Technology that can be used in
applications development such as supply chain management logistics.  The blockchain technology is a digital ledger
where we can store data on cloud for financial transactions. It is not a physical
server it can store unlimited data and can be accessed in real time. It is also
better as per security aspects.  

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As per the latest updates Jio Coin may Lunch in the February
month. Huge numbers of people are using different kinds of crypto currencies
like Bit Coin, Ripple, TRON and many others. Government of India yet not legally
approved Bit Coin in India so now it will be interesting thing to watch that
what will be the reaction of Indian Government on Reliance Jio Coin if it will get
launched.  Finance Minister Arun Jaitley
told to Rajya Sabha on crypto currency that “A team of Expert’s is working to know
more about crypto currency and will soon submit its report to the government.

Jio Coin Price Chart

Jio Coin Price is still not revealed by the Jio Officials bu
the information that is available about Jio Coin Price that it will be around
0.5 dollars which is equal to the around 30 Indian Rupees. Dollar price fluctuate
with the share market and other economical attributes. However the price of 1
Dollar in India remains approximately 60 to 70 Indian Rupees. So it can be expected
that if the Jio Coin Price will be 0.5 $ then it will be going to cost 30-40 Rupees
for Indian Citizens. We will soon update you with the exact Jio Coin Price.
Till then we will suggest you to keep an eye on this page to know more about
the Jio Coin and Its Price.