North Korea and Foreign Development

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or more popularly known as North Korea if the more isolated and obscure of all the nations, rightfully earning the nickname ‘Hermit Kingdom’. However Korea’s isolation and obscurity has been apart of it’s history long before mine or even your generation. Even when Commodore Matthew Perry had forcibly opened trading gates in Japan in 1854, and the Sphere of Influence had been created in China in 1855; the nation of Korea continued to be an opaque area to other nations.Fast forward to the 21st century, where Korea has split to become North and South, the North still remains in its archaic regime of isolation.

The theory of juche or “self-reliance” created by Kim II Sung isn’t a plausible economic system in a flourishing global community. Relying on oneself to create all the necessities of life, consumer products, and military obligations doesn’t follow the guns-n-butter method of creating and creates a stretched too thin workforce that doesn’t produce nearly enough of one thing. This is demonstrated by how much North Korea asks not only the UN, but South Korea and China for aid. With four points in my development plan North Korea will taken a step in the right direction of catching up with the rest of the world. My first goal is the increase the food production. According to the CIA Factbook North Korea is the only country with high literacy rates close to a hundred percent, but also faces starvation and malnutrition. Clearly the importance of agriculture has been disregarded for more military assets. The CIA Factbook shows that thirty seven percent of the nation’s workforce is agriculture, while sixty three percent is industry and services. With all that labor in agriculture North Korea is still unable to produce a sustainable amount of food for their country. The money would not only be used to purchase more agriculture equipment and produce, but on the development of …

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