Non and be the best person I can

Non Fiction- The Blind Side by Michael LewisI enjoyed reading my Non-Fiction book, The Blind Side was a powerful book that took me into Michael Oher’s life and how he went from being homeless as a teenager to eventually be an NFL first-round draft pick. Michael Oher had a hard childhood, in addition, he didn’t know his father and his mother was addicted to drugs. He was in and out of foster homes sometimes even living on the street. The football coach at Wingate, a private school, saw a potential in Michael and got him admitted into the very nice school. However, he had learning disabilities and still did not have a permanent home. Leigh Anne Tuohy, the mother of a Wingate student, Collins, and wife of the owner of several Taco Bell restaurants, finds out about Michael’s situation and invites him to stay the night at their home. This book pushed me to try and be the best person I can be and to try my hardest to accomplish my goals in life. I learned a lot about Michaels life and the challenges he faced during his life. Non-Standard- Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. VaughanThe book I read for the Non-Standard text was Pride of Baghdad, Mrs. Moehlis recommended that I read this book for this genre. The main lions in this story are Zill (the alpha male), Safa (an old female lion), Noor (a younger female lion), and Ali (Noor’s young cub). This book is about 4 lions who escape from the zoo and hide so they don’t get killed by U.S. soldiers while in Baghdad. I later found out that this book was actually based on a true story of when four African lions escaped from the Baghdad Zoo after an American bombing in 2003.Recommended/Award-winning- I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior by Howard E. Wasdin and Stephen TemplinI enjoyed reading I am a Seal Team 6 Warrior, Mr. Moehlis recommended this book to me.  I chose to read this book since I am very interested in the military and maybe doing to the military in my future. Howard E. Wasdin writes about his experience in the military and through training to be a Navy SEAL and then into the most elite group of soldiers in the military, SEAL Team Six. Wasdin writes about going through boot camp and then going through “Hell week” and how only a select few make it through hell week and how much it tests you mentally and physically, also he writes about his experiences going to different countries and fighting for his country and the challenges they go through when they are in different countries. Student Choice- Smile by Raina TelgemeierI read the book Smile as my choice book, The main character is Raina Telgemeier. In this book, she falls in love with two guys Sean and Sammy. She also has a group of friends of which she hangs out with most of the time. Their names are Karin, Nicole, Kaylah, Melissa, Kelli, Emily, and Jenny. After Raina is at Girl Scouts she trips and falls, hurting her 2 front teeth. She has to get braces many times and has to wear headgear and retainers with fake teeth attached. She finds out that her friends are not that friendly to her after the incident. I read this book because it looked interesting and I could relate to her since I had braces also. Smile was a very good book and it shows the challenges Raina goes through.Canonized/Classic- The Great Gatsby by F. Scott FitzgeraldThe book I read for the Canonized/Classic genre was The Great Gatsby. I did not enjoy reading this book much since the words were very tricky to me and some of the words they used I did not know. I have read To Kill A Mockingbird in the past and really enjoyed it but I didn’t like The Great Gatsby. This book was labeled a Canonized/Classic because of its choice of words and this book has been around for a long time. I wasn’t very intrigued to read a Classic book because I heard from many people that the genre was challenging.Reach Book- Vietnamerica by G.B. TranThe book I read for my Reach Book was Vietnamerica, It was a book I was going to read for the Non-Standard book but then realized that this book was very challenging to follow since it jumps back and forth between different peoples view and different family members. When I was searching for the book Vietnamerica I found that the book is “about the author’s experiences as the son of Vietnamese immigrants who fled to America during the fall of Saigon describes how he learned his tragic ancestral history and the impact of the Vietnam War on his family while visiting their homeland years later.” I didn’t know that information so when I found out that it was about the author’s experiences I thought it was very interesting. Cluster Read- Pop & Ungifted by Gordon KormanI read 2 books by Gordon Korman Pop and Ungifted, Pop is about a boy named Marcus who moves to a new town at the end of summer. While Marcus is at Football tryouts he meets someone who he begins to have a very good relationship with his name is Charlie. Charlie is the best football player Marcus has ever seen. Marcus finds out that Charlie is actually Charlie Popovich, or “the King of Pop,”. He got the nickname while he was in the NFL as a linebacker. Ungifted is a story about Donovan Curtis, a troublemaker who ends up hitting the atlas globe with a stick and the huge and very heavy atlas and it rolls down a hill into the school gym. After a big mix up with the school, Donovan is put on a list for the gifted school. While at the gifted school Donovan and his gifted friends make a robot named Tin Man. I enjoyed reading both of these books very much and I plan to read more books written by Gordon Korman.Personal ReflectionI started out this semester having not read any books over the summer. I didn’t enjoy reading much and did not know what kind of books I was interested in. I have grown as a reader more than how I started the year. If I have free time at home I don’t go and read for fun. But I have grown a lot as a reader. I have read 8 books over a semester and that’s way more than I did last year. I have found out that I am interested in reading books about the Military, I feel I am interested in those books because I plan on going to the Military in the future and I feel I can make a connection with the book I am reading. I have been reading more because reading can help you in the future and it helps with tests such as the PSAT and ACT. I have learned that I can read a 300-page book in a week and a half if I break it into pages I have to read each day.What I Wish I Would Have KnownFrom what I know now I wish I would have told myself that it won’t be as hard as you think. 8 books sounds like a lot at first but if you break each book down into how many pages each day you have to read, it doesn’t feel like so much reading. I wish I would have known that we were going to have to write about every book that we read this semester for the Final. If I would have known that, I would have written down some points about every book so that the Final would be easier. But overall I think this is a good course that most high schoolers should take.GoalsAt the start of the year, I had a couple of goals for myself, my goals were to read 8 books and to end the semester with a good grade. I have already accomplished one of my goals and that is to read 8 books. 8 books was a big number to me because I didn’t like to read at the start of the semester. I want to accomplish my last goal of ending the semester with a good grade and if I do well on this paper then I will accomplish my goal of ending with a good grade.