Native American Indian Groups Were Very Spiritual Religion Essay

In all the Indian linguistic communications there is non the word faith, alternatively they speak about tradition and beliefs. The Different Native American Indian groups were really religious and all had their different traditions and beliefs. However, many of them were similar in believing that animate beings had sacred powers, liquors were ever in the air, and many other thoughts. I found that North American Indians ‘ spiritualty has some basic similarities to what is known as Euro-American Christianity. It was besides believed that in the thick of all of these spirited, the high G-d was one of the most of import. They believed that a good Godhead was frequently offset by an evil twin who intentionally distorted a good creative activity so that everything was non perfect. All liquors in their eyes could be good or evil, depending on the state of affairs.

A The Native American Indians had many beliefs. For illustration, they believed that all life was sacred. They lived their lives as if the land, nature, and animate beings were portion of them. Their primary sacred text was the air current whispering through cedar boughs, the sandy shores, the call of an bird of Jove, and the rippling of scintillating watercourses. For these American indians, their beliefs and traditions were an indispensable facet of their being. For all these Indians, animals were religious and helped learn, usher and help them in the right way.

A Now, the Miccosukee Indians alterations to state are a subdivision of these Native American Indians. A I have learned that the Miccosukee Indians originally belonged to the Creek Confederacy, but so migrated to Florida because of the Indian Wars in the 1800 ‘s. They have settled in the Florida Everglades located on the southwest seashore of Florida. Today this folk consists of around 500 people. For about the last 100 old ages the Miccosukee Indians have stayed independent by merely trusting on themselves for all their nutrient, shelter, lodging, and so on. The Miccosukee Indians were one of the Native American Indians that sort of followed Christianity but so once more had many of their ain traditions and rites. Like other faiths, the Miccosukee Indians believe in one God. Harmonizing to our circuits guide Jimmy, they did non desire to be related to Christianity. He said that back in the twenty-four hours, dating back to the 1800s, when the Europeans came to the United States, they forced the Indians to talk their linguistic communication and tried to coerce Christianity. Therefore, the Miccosukee Indians did hold some similar beliefs to Christianity, but did non desire to be associated. The Miccosukee Indians believed in the bad spirit. They had a spirit for about everything. It was explained to us that these liquors were similar angels.

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The Miccosukee Indians celebrated the Green Corn Dance every April and it lasted four yearss. Traditionally, the ceremonial was held several hebdomads before the chief dinner in which they besides harvested. This ceremonial was considered their one-year rite of reclamation and purification and was dedicated to the God that controlled the growing of maize. Spiritually, it was the clip of twelvemonth when the wickednesss of the old twelvemonth were forgiven and the tribe members repent for anything that had done incorrect. ( “ The History of the Green Corn Dance ” )

A It was really apparent from merely walking through the Miccosukee small town and museum that their art is really alone. A Like mentioned before, they have created many beautiful and alone hodgepodge designs. The Miccosukee Indians use hodgepodge to show themselves and place with their heritage. Many of the adult females besides made palmetto-husk dolls. They would dress these dolls in the same hodgepodge vesture that they would do for themselves. A They mentioned that the dolls are still common today ; purchased by tourers, creative persons, and aggregators. In one of the huts outside their small town was a immature adult male carving objects out of wood. He mentioned that much clip is put into each creative activity, and each point is completed as flawlessness. A Most all creative activities were and still are manus crafted.

The Miccosukee Indians are one of few Native American Indians to hold a tribal flag. The flag of the Miccosukee state is a simple flag of four horizontal chevrons. The four chevrons are black, white, xanthous and ruddy. A They say that they have four chevrons to typify the four points of major way. White for South, black for north, ruddy means west, and xanthous E. The Miccosukee Indians besides have a tribal seal. A The chief focal point is a chickee, the traditional place of the folks that inhabit the Everglades.

A One of the major symbols of the Miccosukee Indians is the Alligator. One of the work forces working at the small town said that the alligator symbolizes strength, bravery, and the willingness to ne’er give up. A They entertain tourers by wrestling these alligators and seting on a show. A I was really able to go to a show and keep a small alligator.A This was a great experience ; A to be able to state I held a unrecorded alligator. A This was decidedly the high spot of my twenty-four hours. Throughout the show, my bosom was thumping as the adult male teased the gator and even put his manus in its oral cavity.

Our circuit usher told us that tribal members are allowed to get married foreigners, but are non allowed to populate on the modesty. Until this twenty-four hours, arranged matrimony still exists. Basically, if two kins get along, they arrange for their kids to acquire married.

The Green Corn Dance is the dance held each spring on April. They are held within the Miccosukee Indian reserve, in the Brighton country and in Big Cypress. In this sacred ceremonial, in which no foreigners are allowed, the kins get together and for four yearss sing and dance to observe the gift of the maize that renews them and is the secret of their tribal strength. The Miccosukee Indian medical specialty cognition remains strong, and their immature people are educated in their traditional folklore.

The landscape is home to legion characters that have come to dwell the fables of the Miccosukee. Folklore has ever been an of import agencies by which to go through on tribal beliefs and pay court to the spirit universe. The imposts of unwritten storytelling go on even today, and remain a centrepiece of tribal life. ( Museum )

During the first twenty-four hours of the Green Corn Dance tribal members must imbibe a Black Drink, which is said to sublimate them. Its intent is to sublimate them both physically and spiritually. On the 2nd twenty-four hours they eat the green maize, which they believe contains the Godhead spirit that must be permitted to touch any unpurified nutrient before come ining their tummies. After fasting for another twenty-four hours, they have a enormous banquet. . ( “ The History of the Green Corn Dance ” )

The colourss of the Miccosukee Indians are ruddy, xanthous, white and black. Their symbol which incorporates the colourss into a circle and in the center has a chickee, which symbolizes good medical specialty. Besides, when doing dream backstops, the medical specialty adult male doing it must be singing at all times. This is besides another manner of demoing good medical specialty. Dream backstops are made to catch the bad dreams that people might hold. In order for the dream backstop to map right, the medical specialty must hold Sung.

All over the Indian small town there were totem poles. Totem poles were designed to frighten away the bad liquors. That is why their faces are so mean-looking and chilling. Besides, they are painted in the colourss of the Miccosukee Indians.

The current vesture of the Miccosukee Indians is modern. Tribal members go out the metropolis to shop. Some adult females wear skirts, and as Jimmy mentioned ( our circuit usher ) , each line and/or figure sewn onto the skirt describes a narrative. The forms are all different. At the Indian Village, there was a tribal member doing traditional tribal vesture which ranged anyplace in the 100s. The ground why it is so expensive is because the cloth is in a axial rotation and it is sewed line by line, form by form ; it ‘s handmade. Colorful feathered turbans ( Yoosheabooke ) are traditionally worn by work forces during particular occasions, like trips to the metropolis. Presently, they are used at the one-year Green Corn Dance. The plumes are frequently traded and stand for both native and non-native birds. The Miccosukee ‘s traditional tribal vesture is still worn during the Green Corn Dance. ( Museum )

Tribal members spend a batch of clip working on trades such as beading, woodwork, and hodgepodge. Men normally do the woodwork which consists of carving cypress or willow subdivisions into kids ‘s playthings. Womans make intricate forms with beads into necklaces and other accoutrements. Other adult females shape dolls from palmetto-tree fibres, and dress them in traditional hodgepodge. ( History of the Green Corn Dance )

In decision, passing a twenty-four hours at the Miccosukee is slightly of a civilization daze. Tribal members spend most of their clip outside. Even though many tribal members live in beautiful, modern houses, some choose to populate in chickees. They do use cell phones and have Comcast, even though I lost my cell phone signal when I got at that place. The Miccosukee do hold their ain constabulary section, and like mentioned earlier, it is a state within a state. They besides have a gaol for junior-grade offenses, larger offenses are sent to any gaol in Miami, and a rehabilitation centre for those who engage in drugs and intoxicant. They are sent to pass 90 yearss in gaol. Besides, Miccosukee Indians wrestle alligators for merriment. I candidly would non make it but they do. Jimmy told us that one of his colleagues lost his arm wrestle an alligator they call Lucifer.

Besides, one thing I found interesting was that the Miccosukee were one time portion of the Seminole Indians. Jimmy said that they are reasonably much the same, but differ in their political positions. They separated back in the 1800s, when 30 members felt that they no longer wanted to be Seminoles. Now, the reserve has about 700 members, and some independent members which live near the reserve. Besides, I thought that it was brainsick that until this twenty-four hours they still have arranged matrimonies.

I do non believe that there was anything negative about my experience. It was decidedly an oculus opener and a great experience. The Miccosukee Indians are n’t like other faiths. They do hold their ain linguistic communication, yet still talk in English. They are non as different from us as it seems.

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