Myths And Religion Vs Science Religion Essay

Throughout clip, across the ages, there has everlastingly been a changeless conflict between myths, faith and scientific discipline. Myths are constructed from figments of our imaginativeness and have no touchable beginning ; faith is advocated by books, which consist of words written by the custodies of adult male while scientific discipline provides cogent evidence for every jurisprudence or theory it advances. So, it follows that the credibleness of myths and faith has been questioned as scientific discipline has evolved.

Since antediluvian times, parents read scriptural transitions to their kids and made them get moral values by larning from the lessons taught in them. However, this is no longer the instance as the immature head does non accept spiritual awareness because of the development of scientific discipline. The kid now demands cogent evidence and asks ceaseless inquiries about the transitions read to him that his parents are non able to reply. Religion is now losing its clasp on the human head. Let us take the illustration of Christianity ; in December 19 99, “ Opinion Research Business ” released the consequences of a canvass conducted in the United Kingdom and it was found that less than 50 per centum of the topics believed in Christ and 46 per centum of them have ne’er gone to church. [[ 2 ]]

The power and entire control of faith and the spiritual people comes from the fact that long ago, instruction was in the custodies of the church. The latter had sole rights on sacred manuscripts and certain Fieldss like uranology. So, if a adult male wanted to have academic instruction, he had no pick but to adhere to the expressions of the church. Furthermore, in 11 84, the Roman Catholic, Synod of Verona legislated that combustion was to be the official penalty for unorthodoxy. [[ 3 ]] A celebrated illustration of this penalty is that of Jan Hus, a Czech priest, reformist and maestro at the Charles University of Prague, who has been burnt at the interest for unorthodoxy against the philosophies of the Catholic Church. [[ 4 ]]

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However, this epoch took terminal when instruction became civil and was no more controlled by the church. This alteration brought freedom of idea and address to every individual, political alterations and besides, the waking up of assorted scientific communities such as the Free George masons in several states. These alterations allowed conveying frontward cogent evidence, Torahs and theories on natural phenomena. For illustration, Galileo Galilei observed through his telescopes that Jupiter had two orbiters and that the Moon had a unsmooth, uneven surface. He besides discovered that it was the Earth that revolved around the Sun, non vice-versa. He even wrote a book named “ Dialogue ” on his findings. The book was banned by the church and Galilei was accused of unorthodoxy, but, he did non endure penalty as he accepted the incrimination to salvage his life. Finally, in 18 22, when it was common cognition that the Earth is non the Centre of the existence, the prohibition was lifted. [[ 5 ]]

Science has besides gained in power and credibleness because of great finds that helped revolutionize it. These finds gave an entirely new significance to research. First, Charles Darwin ‘s proposition that “ Natural Selection acts merely by taking advantage of little, consecutive fluctuations ; she can ne’er take a great and sudden spring, but must progress by short and certain, though slow stairss ” [[ 6 ]] put out the myth that adult male was created in one twenty-four hours. Then, in the 13 100s, the Plague infected Europe. The church promised remedies and interventions. They said it was God ‘s will and advised people to pray. However, the intervention was given to them by scientific discipline: antibiotics. This caused people to lose religion in the power of God. [[ 7 ]] Finally, the great scientist, Albert Einstein, fascinated the whole universe with his theories of infinite and relativity. He is referred to as the Father of Modern Physics. [[ 8 ]]

Even presents, we are left with two schools of idea: those who believe in creationism and those who believe in development. Today, their major struggle is genomics. It was believed that both a adult male and a adult female had to be fertile to hold a babe. This theory has been disproved by the latest promotion in genomics. We now have “ test-tube babes ” , which are egg cells fertilised by sperms outside the organic structure, in vitro. Devout Catholics are against in vitro fertilization as they believe that this engineering goes against nature and that a married twosome may merely reproduce by the conventional, natural manner. [[ 9 ]]

Refering myths, new 1s have been created. An analogy can be made: Ulysses saw the mermaids and the modern adult male is seeing Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFOs ) . Harmonizing to the United Nations, since 19 47, about a 100 and 50 million UFO sightings have been witnessed throughout the universe. [[ 10 ]] Besides, research is still traveling on in several Fieldss, therefore accounting for questionable theories like the Big Bang Theory, antimatter and black holes. As we have no certain information refering these, myths refering them have started and quickly gained in size. For illustration, there is a myth claiming that there may be a black hole in the Centre of the Milky Way and another claiming that finally, black holes will suck in everything in the existence and destruct it. [[ 11 ]]

The cardinal component in myths and faith is faith. Faith had as synonyms “ faith ” , “ spiritual belief ” and “ trust ” [[ 12 ]] ; it is now defined as “ belief without grounds ” by the Webster Comprehensive Dictionary. The intension of “ religion ” has changed. This invariably shows that there is a definite displacement in the mentality of the people of today. Myths are non likely to decease out as they are creative activities of our imaginativeness ; they merely change with clip. Science has gained in popularity over the last old ages ; this rise is non likely to halt shortly. The one losing out land is faith. Will it last or non? The reply lies in the hereafter.

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In her best seller, The Secret, Rhonda Byrne claims that “ ideas are magnetic, and ideas have a frequence ” ( page 10 ) . Harmonizing to the book, “ it [ the jurisprudence of attractive force ] is having your ideas and reflecting back to you those ideas as your life experience ” ( page 13 ) . Byrne besides underlines the relationship between ideas and feelings by composing that “ it is impossible to experience bad and at the same clip hold good ideas ” ( page 43 ) . So, it follows that “ when you feel bad, you are on the frequence of pulling more bad things. When you feel good, you are strongly pulling more good things to you ” ( page 43 ) .


The ideas that we emit are believed to hold a certain frequence that attracts like frequences. The frequences attracted become portion of day-to-day happenings. There is besides a direct correlativity between our ideas and feelings. Therefore, negative feelings result in negative experiences and positive feelings in positive 1s.


Our feelings act upon our ideas, which emit a frequence and act as magnets. So, experiencing good aids in pulling good things and experiencing bad finally attracts merely bad things.

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