My Life in Syria

I am a Syrian citizen. My wife and I lived our lives during the civil war. The war to begin March 15, 2011. * My children were 7 and 9 years old when the war started. Our life was very difficult. In this letter I will explain my experiences and challenges me and my family have overcome and how we escaped war and violence in Syria. The war started because the government in Syria is becoming a dictatorship. One Man, * Bashae al-Assad, president of Syria, has all the power and all citizens to start a revolution because they are not happy with his decisions. The Syria comes closer and closer to becoming an anarchy.

Today, with my family, I left Syria because the bombing destroyed cities, food and health care are scarce and * more than 220,000 people have already died. Also, many of the major countries of Syria are in the ISIS power makes these cities into chaos. The form of government in Syria is a republic * under an authoritarian regime. It means that there is a dictator. The people in the highest places made all the decisions. I know other families who try to leave during the night so that no one could see because if the guards see them, they will be tires. Already there are more than four million refugees and more than half are children. My children were prose out of school for at least several months and I do not want to risk their future so I decided that the best choice is to leave Syria and traveled to Europe.

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I thought for a long time which is what me and my family will go. The majority of Syrian refugees are settled in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. But in these countries the government does not let the refugees so they can not work to earn money. Also, more and more Syrians left for Iraq, but Iraq has difficulty giving their needs them refugees. The hundreds of miles refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in hopes of finding a good future in Europe. I decided to take my family to Europe because it is the closest place rich a…