My committed, diligent student who will do everything

My interest in law stems from a fascination with
understanding the justice system and its ability to evolve alongside society.
From a very young age, I have been intrigued by law, mainly because of the vast
array of topics covered and the massive implications it has on our everyday
lives. I thoroughly enjoyed studying law at A- levels because the subject
allowed me to formulate my own opinions and articulate thoughts. I view law as
a career in which I will have the opportunity to help others and make a
meaningful difference in the world.

I consider myself a committed, diligent student who will do
everything possible to achieve the best set of results possible. The result of
my hard work reflected in my O level grades as I achieved 7 A’s. my performance
in o levels and the utmost importance of qualifications in today’s competitive
world spurs me on more to pursue a degree in college and further my academic
endeavors. I believe that i am suited to a career in law as I work best when
facing challenges. I am a confident speaker who can argue a case with potency
and always back up my arguments by a strong foundation of facts. Throughout
school life, I was an avid debater of my class which enabled me to develop
phenomenal speaking skills, confidence, organization and critical thinking
skills, all of which are essential for a good lawyer.

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Apart from law, I feel drawn towards a business oriented
degree. I consider myself well suited to a career  in accounting and finance. My deep rooted
interest in accounting stems back as far as primary school. I have always
enjoyed working with numbers, hence anything to do with numbers such as
accounting and book keeping, have been my favourite subjects. I take great
pleasure in problem solving tasks and the challenges they bring in attempting
to solve them.

Besides studies, I have avidly participated in various
extracurricular activities. I have represented my school basketball team for 2
years and this allowed me to improve my leadership skills. I have won various
debating competitions. Also, I was appointed the head of my delegation to the The
legal eagle, the annual law moot, hosted by LGS Defence International Degree
Programme, and it helped me improve my organizing skills significantly. I have
also participated in essay writing competition, spelling bee competition, as
well as the international kangaroo mathematics contest. These activities have
worked to build professional skills, helped me make new friends, and deepen my
social and intellectual growth.

I wish to study at LUMS because the facilities here for my
subject are second to none. It is best known for its well reputed faculty and
provides an environment required for critical thinking and analysis. LUMS
provides a valuable education which makes students more furnish in their
studies. I have a dream that one day, I shall study at LUMS and shall become a
prominent lawyer in my country.