My Beloved Country – Africa

As I stand at the bay windows looking at the rugged, high peaked mountains laid out before me, I hear in the background the news on SABC talking about the Coon Carnival parade in Cape Town. They were also talking that South Africa`s Tourist industry has grown by 7.6%. I turned around to look at the images being displayed on TV and saw a picturesque resort in the Drakensberg being featured as the 3rd best resort in the world famous trip advisor tourist magazine. As I turn back to the window, rain droplets begin to fall splashing against the glass leaving blotches of glass with water running down .I think South Africa –My Country you have such a place in my heart, I think of all the things I have done In South Africa-My Country . From Living in my large home with its big green garden to the lively Zulu dances I watch while in Kwazulu Natal. South Africa-My country is beloved.

From its big vast open lands of the Kruger Park to the sunny beaches of Durban. Having a braai and watching The Big Five down in the Pilansberg or climbing a Mountain in the Berg. South Africa really has so much to offer. Whether it is big homes in the residential areas or the great green landscapes around the towns it is so unique in all aspects and my heart drops and becomes sad when I think about living without all of this. Coming home after a long day of school and having the house clean and sparkling and all my washing folded and cleaned is something I have to thank my maid for. The Maid a unique thing, to South Africa-My Country. The perfect climate is another great aspect about South Africa .When it reaches 35 degrees we always complain but truly it is perfect it really is, never to hot and never to cold. We hardly have any weather problems that affect going to school or work. Around the year we are so lucky to have the food types we have without having to pay more because of the season. I really am lucky to live here in South Africa-My Country.

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