Multiculturalism in London

London is, as many other cities in the world, one of diverse cultures. However London is actually the biggest “melting pot”, but as any other notion this has pros and cons. There are a lot of good sides to multiculturalism such as low unemployment, a lot of immigrants come to England wanting to work and workplaces have more than enough room for them. But not all of these immigrants are qualified, which leads to a bad side of multiculturalism which is poverty. A lot of the people who come to London with dreams of getting jobs, buying themselves a home are easily beaten down by the cold reality, it is not all that easy to just travel to a new country and settle down with a in new surroundings. The bosses of the workplaces know that a lot of the immigrants seeking work every day have a different set of skills than themselves which can result in a lot variety, that in some cases are very good. One thing amongst many others that cultural variety can bring a lot of joy into is foods. Since London has a lot of different cultures such as Indians, Arabs, Africans, they also have a lot of different foods to eat. But the different foods all belong to different cultures, the multiple cultures in London are widely spread and you can easily tell that each has their own community in which they thrive in. Even though all these different societies can bring variety and change, it also creates some sort of dividing as many immigrants seek the parts of London where they know their own people belong to. This is a big problem as many of them hide here, never learning English or going out to acquire knowledge about the country they live in and how English people socialize.

As immigration continues, more and more natives in London are getting frustrated that their old home has evolved into a completely different city. In the text “The world’s melting pot” the author states “a lot of English-born whites, especially the elders find the mixing of…

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