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Moreover, Penn encourages me to take knowledge outside the confines of the classroom and expand upon it by doing research. That way, I truly grasp the applicability of what I am learning. In concert with the flexibility of its majors and study techniques, Penn also offers flexibility between its four undergraduate schools. Even though I am enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences, I am free to take classes in any of the undergraduate schools, so that I satisfy all my academic interests, whether it be statistics or astrophysics.

Not only does Penn emphasize academics, but it also remains socially conscious, as it realizes it is part of an even bigger community. That is, Penn uses its resources to aid West Philadelphia. I, too, have made community service one of my main priorities. Throughout high school, I have created a program specifically designed to give children from less-fortunate families a chance to learn basic English through summer courses, helped the Red Cross with drives, and organized sales and fundraisers to benefit Christian Salvation Service Orphanage, a nursery for high-risk orphaned babies. By joining Penn’s civic house, its hub for community service and social advocacy, I will build upon the social awareness I have gained in high school. This program also allows me to socialize with other students that have the same goals as I.

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In addition to lending a hand to the community outside campus, Penn also ensures I find my own community on campus through spirit and tradition. Although the academics are strenuous, Penn puts just as much emphasis on its social scene. Here’s what I am excited about: dressing up in blue & red and preparing burnt toast for the Princeton/Penn football game; joining a sorority to meet more people; coming together with my freshman peers to scream at midnight on the day of the midterm; throwing condiments at the new group of seniors as they walk down Locust. By stressing social activities, Penn recognizes that, in the real world, social skills are equally essential to the business realm as intellect.