More Than a Secret

Spilling the beans. It is a mistake I make too often. Being a teenage girl, I love to share the hot gossip with all my friends– at least I used to. Telling secrets does not seem like such a big deal, until your secret has been passed around making it no longer a secret. Telling secrets that were not mine ruined a lot for me. Resulting in an experience that changed my outlook on life forever. The one gift I value above all else, is the gift of friendship. Having friends is the most important aspect of my life. Sharing a few laughs with friends is my favorite stress reliever, and I enjoy good company. The very best thing about having friends is being able to tell them what is bothering you and hoping they have good advice that will benefit you. A friend’s opinion about a certain situation can always help, but what they say is usually meant to be kept secret.

Not too long ago, my best friend told me a very big secret, trusting that I would not share this secret. Hearing something that doesn’t settle easy makes me want to tell my friends about it. Not that I want to share my friend’s secret with others; however, I do want to state my opinion indirectly. I felt that this specific secret was much different than any other secret, mainly because I did not agree with her decisions. Even worse than her decisions was me telling people her secret. I “spilled the beans”. By the time my best friend realized the secret was out, she was already grounded by her parents– yes the secret got back to her parents. Finding out how much trouble she got into made stomach sink into the ground. The thought of her punishment was dreadful. Of course I felt terrible, and feel terrible to this day. Saying her secrets out loud did not gratify my need to gossip, instead it left me feeling cold hearted. Had I not shared her secret, she would not have been grounded, and I would still have my best friend.

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The lesson I learned from this experience shaped me int…