Mexican Traditions and Celebrations

In this essay I would like to talk a little about the traditions of my country, the reason why we are and we identify ourselves as good Mexicans, all these incredible things that are made in Mexico. All traditions as their name implies, are things that are accustomed to do since long time and through this story is going to develop and becomes habit in making them, as well as may be typical things of each city. I think Mexico has a great richness in these traditions and typical things, whether food, drink, dance, among other things; one of the things that make you a good Mexican/Mexican is know about these customs so precious that they are made around the country.

Mexico has a stunning culture that I admire, all this variety that exists in all sorts of things that this country has is amazing. Situations and traditions that are kept alive after all this time exist, while history passes and certain things will evolve and emerge new, these customs do not have been lost . For many years has been a tradition in this country dance, each of the States that comprise the Mexican Republic have a type of dance different between them and in the end is what is going to represent and distinguish from other cities. This variety is something that I love and I am interested about the Mexican culture. For example, one of my favorite dances could be the Jarabe tapatio performed in the State of Jalisco, it is there where is known and most of the tapatios know perfect this big dance, as well as there we can differentiate to Jalisco by their famous drowned cakes always people ranging from visit, especially to Guadalajara, since they are in every corner It is the custom of eating them, this is the fun and interesting that each us visit to any city in our country we can see how different that is in comparison to where we live, but at the same time the people is the same, good Mexicans who are interested to know all the kinds of food that exists in the Republ…

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