Media and Economic Analysis of Brazil

I. Media

A. This section reports data on all media available within the country or market. Later, you will select specific media as part of the promotional mix and strategy.

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1. Availability of Media

Despite having a huge population of uneducated people, Brazil has in the recent times experienced a fast growth in digital media. The constitution of Brazil guarantees a free press and thus all forms of media including Television, Radio, Newspaper/magazines, and the Internet are available to the people. Newspapers are widely distributed and television is the most popular media present in 95% of households.

2. Costs

Television set prices are about the same as anywhere else but their high prices in the past have been used as a barrier to entry to the media at some point. Radio broadcasts are always cost free. In the bigger cities, people tend to read newspapers a lot more due to its distribution of free newspaper copies by transportation companies, private institutions and also, just like it is observed in many cities of the world, by Metro International. Internet companies charge the moderate amount but a large population of the turn. Quite a few users from the above percentage, however, use internet cafes for their browsing needs. Mobile phones are very prevalent in Brazil with the people and people love to have something that they can use whenever they need it to access quite any kind of media they desire.

3. Agency Assistance

Even though Brazil supposedly has freedom of the press, their record with it has been lackluster and spotty. Since the country’s political system has gone between authoritarian and democratic phases, freedom of the press has been restricted and in some cases completely abolished for significant periods in Brazilian history.

4. Coverage of Various Media

Media ownership in Brazil is highly concentrated. Conglomerates namely Globo, which is Brazil’s most-successful broadcaster, dominate the market and run TV an…