Mary the employees to manage their own projects

Parker Follett’s theory is directly being implemented in Amaze Inc. as shown in
the article. Follet characterized management as ” the art of getting things
done through people”. She believed that no matter the ranking of employees that
they should thoroughly collaborate. Her approach is unquestionably being
applied in Amaze Inc. due to the fact that they pride themselves on how
coordinated they are when it comes to their employee’s satisfaction in the work
place. They allow the employees to manage their own projects twenty percent of
the time along with whatever they have to do. This gives them a chance to
create and collaborate with Amaze Inc. directly with no interference from
supervisors or managers.


Barnard’s theories are also being directly implemented in Amaze Inc.; “he believed
organizations need to be both effective and efficient”. Amaze Inc. is effective
in the sense that they get what they need to do done in a timely manner.

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Employees have incentive to get their work done proficiently so they can work
on what they want. Creating an environment that is efficient in satisfying
their employees while still motivating workers with compensation in the form of
granting them their own projects that they can later develop with the company.



Inc. is a modern organization, which means it, is better suited to be an
organic structure. Rather than being a traditional company Amaze Inc. “is
regarded as an innovator and contributor of countless new products and ideas”.

With this in mind I


say that Amaze Inc. would definitely be more suited as an organic structure
because the company as a whole is very fluid and integrated giving the employees
a lot more control and responsibility over their work. If I were to say Amaze
Inc. was a mechanistic structure it would be a complete and downright lie
because the company has the make and attributes of an organization built on an
organic structure, showing very little traits of a hierarchy or strict company guidelines.

Organic structures use formalization, which means that there are rules and
regulations that are drawn up for employees to follow; while still giving them
the opportunity to work together and familiarize themselves with the procedures
and progressions of the company. Amaze Inc. uses formalization in the form of
telling their employees what to do while still giving them the freedom to work
on their own projects.