Management for international students, subsequently, it is the

is the cerebrum, absolute entirety of any industry in the globalized world.
Today, the limits between nations are quickly vanishing without end, so the
comprehension of business requires a more all-encompassing and worldwide
perspective of the industry. I am eager to seek BA in Business
Studies/management (Major in Human Resource Management) from Central Queensland
University since worldwide introduction of the business is exceptionally basic
for development in this very aggressive and dynamic world. What’s more, through
this I need to comprehend the subtleties of investigating and strategizing for
practical and long haul development in worldwide business firms.


my Bachelor degree in Business Studies/management, Australia is the most suited
location. Being a standout amongst the most dynamic countries of the world, it
is weighed down with best open doors and the best organizations. Since, the
Central Queensland University has a magnificent faculty, adaptable course
structure, world class enhancements and above all a friendly climate for
international students, subsequently, it is the ideal location for pursuing
higher education. The degree procured from Central Queensland University will
be recognized across the globe.

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it will empower me to comprehend decent variety as far as language and
dialects, culture, points of view and experiences, which will go far in moulding
my personality and give me a knowledge into understanding the distinctive behavioural
examples of people.


have always been extremely inquisitive and anxious to learn new things. Since
my initial youth days, I have been a devoted and curious student. I did my tutoring
from Chowgachhasahadat Pilot, Public School, Jessore, and secured decent marks
in tenth grade board exam, and 12th grade board exams I have finished from
Dr.Abdurrazzak metropolitan school, Jessore and secured first class marks. In
the wake of completing school, I joined Flamingo international college,
Kualalampur Malaysia which is a well-known private college in Malaysia, to
pursue Diploma in Business Management. I hold a not too bad scholastic record
with a CGPA of 2.85 out of 4 point scale. Aside from scholastics, I partook in
numerous extracurricular activities at school level and have additionally won
couple of awards in differing fields at intercollegiate festivals like, second
prize for Picturesque advertising, third prize in the yearly College Debate.
Further, I was additionally an active member from the Finance and Art division
of the college Youth Club.





finishing my Business Diploma, I began working with our privately owned
organization in Bangladesh, where I took a shot at junior Customer Relationship
Management officer. My part expected me to comprehend the logic and build up
the essential usefulness of the interface between the business Group’s customer
and their clients. Being all around equipped with business management knowledge
and great relational abilities, I regularly assumed the liability to prepare
new assets in the task. Aside from the key duties, I participated in different
social and individual’s advancement exercises at both task and hierarchical
levels. I got an opportunity to sort out a couple of Delivery Unit meets while
taking a shot at our privately-run company Group Project. My initiative and
individuals improvement aptitudes were exceedingly valued and granted in type
of reward focuses by the senior administration. I got a chance to see
coordinate administration and different techniques utilized while working low
maintenance with our exclusive organization, as an autonomous Business Owner.
Inside a limited span of time, I achieved a decent initiative and
administration level in Business.


Business Diploma degree has empowered me to comprehend the science behind a
large portion of the things around me. Being great at quantitative and
analytical skills causes me see the logic and principle behind the greater part
of the things. I can strategize, conceptualize and break down imaginatively
utilizing out of the container approach. Being a graduate Diploma holder in
Business Management gives me an edge in business and capacity to adjust with
changes in business and management. In the present current world with
management being a boon and bane at the same time, a business diploma graduate
who comprehends its complexities can bring out crisp thoughts in the field of
management which has business as its spine.


am certain that studying at the Central Queensland University will enable me
with sound knowledge of the fundamental standards of this field and enable me
to secure the essential aptitudes to achieve my objective. Additionally my
Bachelor degree in Business from Central Queensland University will give me a
solid establishing and an ideal channel to exploit my qualities.


sincerely trust that the admission board finds my profile appropriate to the
necessities of the course and allows me to be a part of the esteemed university.