Mabior during December 2013 and regularly tweets. He

Mabior Garang de Mabior (Garang) is the son of the first
Vice President of Sudan, Dr John Garang de Mabior. Garang’s father played a
pivotal role in the establishment of South Sudan as a country independent from

Garang’s mother is the well-known South Sudanese politician,
Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior. He was born on 02 April 1977 and he is the eldest
of six children. Garang is a member of the Dinka ethnic tribe. The Dinka is the
largest ethnic group in South Sudan. Garang was raised Christian.

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Garang followed in his parent’s political footsteps and he
entered the political arena at an early age. He was appointed as the Minister
of Water and Irrigation on 28 April 2016. Garang’s appointment was received
with mixed emotions. Certain political analysts questioned his experience – he
was in his late thirties at the time of his official appointment – whilst
others raised concern about his alleged use of banned substances.

According to media articles, Garang was fired by Salva Kiir
Mayardit (Kiir), the current President of South Sudan, during July/August 2016.
Media articles suggest that Garang was removed due to his close ties with the
rebel-leader turned first vice president of South Sudan, Riek Machar.

Garang was allegedly arrested for attempting to assassinate
Kiir, during August 2014.

Garang joined Twitter during December 2013 and regularly
tweets. He uses the handle @TaoOfGarang. His Facebook posts and tweets
predominantly expresses his political views and he often expresses religious
views. The publically accessible information on Garang’s Facebook page mainly
contain posts pertaining to the political situation in South Sudan.

There are no publically available facebook posts after July
2017. According to Garang’s Facebook page he received a death threat on 07 June

Apparently Garang has an appreciation for the finer things
in life and he is often photographed for his eclectic fashion sense. His
attire, specifically his bowtie, allegedly contributed to him being refused
entry to a ministerial meeting.

Media articles suggest that Garang is living in Nairobi,
Kenya. Apparently the Garang family has a close personal association with the
influential Kenyan Odinga family. Garang was apparently friends with Fidel
Castro Odinga, who died under mysterious circumstances during 2015.

He was the spokesperson of the Sudan People’s Liberation
Movement (SPLM), which is the political arm of the Sudan People’s Liberation

Extensive online searches did not yield tangible information
pertaining to Garang’s marital status, whether he has children and his tertiary

Note to reader – Garang is a politically exposed person and
South Sudan is subject to sanctions and embargos. Therefore any engagement
and/or interaction with Garang should be approach with caution and additional
safeguards should be considered to ensure that all risks associated with Garang
have been adequately considered and/or mitigated.