Looking consultant electrical engineer and I remember being

Looking back engineering has always been likely career choice for me. My grandfather was a consultant electrical engineer and I remember being intrigued by the scope of his work and how enthusiastic he was about engineering as a career. I visited a project of his in London and it was interesting to observe the modernization of the building whilst maintaining the heritage of the site. From then on the possibility of a career in engineering is something that has really appealed to me. Throughout my school life, I have enjoyed studying Maths and Physics; they have allowed me to develop strong problem-solving and analytical skills which I believe will help me to become successful at degree level. I especially look forward to applying the theory I have already learnt to further my knowledge in the topics of mechanics and material physics, which I can then employ into design projects of my own. Additionally, I hope to gain more understanding of topics such as fluid mechanics that I have only touched on at A-level. Mechanical engineering in particular appeals to me due to its broadness. I believe it’s a discipline that can give me a chance to develop transferable skills and open up a wide variety of opportunities.In my penultimate year of high school, I chose my work experience placement at Geomex, a local architectural company where I worked as part of a small team. I primarily enjoyed the use of CAD systems, and the chance to take part in real projects that proved useful to the company, writing up reports where I was able to utilise my knowledge of stress and moments. This week gave me an insight into the various responsibilities of an engineer and reinforced my desire to pursue a career in engineering. In 2016, I secured a week’s work placement at UTC Aerospace Systems, a worldwide engineering firm. My work at UTC was varied; I mainly worked in networks and infrastructure, where my most significant contribution was analysing data to ensure the conditions of the server room were suitable. I also spent days in other departments such as assembly and hardware, where I found the level of design and extent of testing needed fascinating. Through the school, I visited the Hybrid Air Vehicles hangar in Cardington. It was a chance to see an innovative aeronautical project on an industrial scale.During my gap year, I have been working full time at a sports store. This has helped me gain more maturity and self-reliance, as well as enhancing my ability to work under pressure and prioritise urgent tasks.I am passionate about football and have always played in junior and school teams, being instrumental in starting up the first football team at my newly established sixth form. I continue to play football weekly and am a diehard Aston Villa fan and season ticket holder. I represent my tennis club in competitive league matches and compete in county singles tournaments. I have completed a tennis leadership course which has enabled me to assist the club coach and supervise junior tennis camps. Keeping up with these activities has required a high level of commitment and has helped form strong team-working and communication skills.I have been lucky enough to travel extensively with my family and the school, experiencing a variety of cultures and putting my love of languages to practical use. My personal highlight was a school volunteering expedition to Tanzania. It was rewarding working with local people on various building projects. It definitely gave me a different perspective on life and made me think about the importance and difference engineering could make to the lives of the people I had met.  I plan to travel throughout Europe in the summer and put my French and Spanish to good use when possible. I feel my aptitude for languages is a further advantage for a career in engineering. As a rapidly growing, global industry with many different opportunities, I would welcome the chance to study or work abroad.