Leisure industry


In the twenty-first century, Leisure industry is one of the major industries both in Britain and worldwide.A

Many observers on the leisure industry today regard it as the most of import industry of the hereafter. Phrases such as “ the leisure detonation ” or “ the leisure roar ” appear with regularity in the fiscal pages of newspaper, and the leisure industry is regarded as one of the major countries of the future employment growing in the economic system. ( Chris 1992 ) .Leisure industry Fieldss include: eating houses, amusement Parkss, theatres, hotels, bet oning topographic points, and featuring spheres. Besides one might include watering place, gyms, and countries where one can carry on athleticss, like golfing or boating as portion of the leisure industry. ( Chris 1992 )

All of us know the word experience the most recession, particularly in the UK, but the consumer outgo on leisure was still an of import income for the whole economic, besides in the employment rate.

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The one of the leisure industry which I will analysis is the golf industry.it more and more going the taking athletics on environmental and societal issues.

TheBurhill golfand Leisure Limited

The Burhill Golf and Leisure Limited ain and operate 10s golf nines in UK. The company has seven pay-to-play golf centres and three private golf nines, including the esteemed Burhill Golf Club in its portfolio. There are 20 golf classs under its direction. ( Mintel 2009 ) And the company run more than the golf ; they presently operate two fittingness centres.

In the recent development, the company ‘s repute as a junior golf training Centre has been enhanced with a ?30,000 support from Sport England to develop immature golf players. The group has focused on the coaching facets of the game with each of its nines holding an academy. ( Mintel 2009 )

Plague Analysis

It ‘s utile to analysis the external environment, and how they are act uponing the company presently public presentation and what goanna alteration in the hereafter, it ‘s done by sing the manner in whichpolitical,economic, societal, andtechnological.And it ‘s besides usage within the SWOT analysis, for the farther we can conclusion a hazard study for company through the PEST analysis.


In this facet, I will stand for the favoritism in golf, possibly you think that every bit much as we saw in the 50 ‘s and 60 ‘s, but it still was a job, the major favoritism in the golf is form the gender. It can endorse to the 40 old ages ago, adult females could non keep the equity right to the work forces. Many golf nine are the “ private work forces ‘s merely nine ” and give female members limited entree to club installations or exclude them from the running of the nine. ( Lucy Ward, 2007 ) But they will no longer be able to censor adult females members from their bars or know apart in any other manner on gender evidences under a reorganization of equality Torahs unveiled today, the alteration is outlined in a authorities audience paper aimed at apologizing the UK ‘s complex web of favoritism statute law. Even though, the authorities will besides do clear it will non forestall the puting up of private nines aimed entirely at one gender or group, the alterations to regulations impacting private nines and associations would intend those with assorted rank could no longer handle adult females otherwise. ( Lucy Ward, 2007 )


All of us know the recession from the last twelvemonth, whatever the large concern or the little endeavor, they all agony in. The recession is a major concern for the golf industry, and the effects are get downing to be felt in early 2009 ( Mintel 2009 )

Another extension job merely like attention deficit disorders insult to injury, which was the “ Credit crunch ” , it deeply affects the company ‘s fiscal status and whole operation, and this phenomenon has catholicity.

When people start to experience the fiscal pinch it is besides to pick cut back it, particularly golf was the expensive athletics activity. More than a one-fourth ca n’t play every bit frequently as they would wish to due to fiscal restraints. ( Mintel 2009 ) ( Appendix 1 )

Britain ‘s golf nines are contending to last as cash-strapped participants look for less expensive merriment. Around half the state ‘s 2,500 nines have lost members in the past twelvemonth, nine out 10s have vacancies, and waiting lists have all but disappeared. ( Stephen Hayward 2009 ) More than a twelve nines have gone flop or been put up for sale in the last 12 months, while nutrient and imbibe returns in the clubhouse have besides plummeted. Many nines are trashing expensive rank fees and offering bargain-priced trades to stem the hegira. ( Stephen Hayward 2009 )


Less societal clip was the major ground cause the diminution in the figure of the rank. ( Appendix 1 ) Some people said they had to diminish the clip in drama golf, because they married or busy in work. So how to hike their rank, diminish the barriers to the non-golfer became important of import. One nine in Yorkshire has introduced a rank fee of ?99 per twelvemonth plus green fees, which enables golf players to obtain a disability and all the other benefits associated with rank. The golf player so pays green fees for each unit of ammunition but is basically paying merely for unit of ammunitions they play, stand foring an attractive option to golf players. ( Mintel 2009 )


In the last reappraisal, I will analysis the use of the engineering. There is no uncertainty ; the cyberspace entree should be being perfected in the gilded country, including on-line engagement,

Every nine should utilize it efficaciously in the normal operations. When design the web site for the online engagement, foremost, nine should pay concern in the convenience ; secondly, supply more optional and avoid programming confusion ; eventually, do some publicity merely enjoyed by the client which use on-line engagement. In add-on, we besides can supply the private client service in utilize the phone, to tracking for reference the job instantly, and confirm the satisfaction of the service.


Throughout the analysis, we can happen there are many hazard and issue faced by all of the nines. Although, it still hold chances and suites for growing, so I will set frontward some recommendations correspond the hazard issue.


Discrimination. In the recession environment, reject the client equal to reject the money or the net income. We can easy happen the adult females are the big group of the possible client, non merely for them to entree, besides should offer some service to run into their demand, such as watering place or massage for the adult females after they playing. Discrimination. In the recession environment, reject the client equal to reject the money or the net income. We can easy happen the adult females are the big group of the possible client, non merely for them to entree, besides should offer some service to run into their demand, such as watering place or massage for the adult females after they playing.

2 Economic diminutions. The recognition crunch is besides taking its toll on golf class ranks. it was the highest hazard in the golf nines, because lose the member that means lose the major operation cost.so the nines shouldA acquire some thought to to endure a storm with their client, such as members are allowed to reassign rank to another participant if they can no longer afford it.

3 Time devouring. Except the economic ground, losing rank cause by they have less clip to play. That the step can be taken by a flexible content class, that means the reserve service should be promote. Furthermore, the nine should reenforce their conference map, to pull more concern travel go oning here.

4 Cooperation with other companies. In the last portion of PEST analysis, we mention about brand usage of the cyberspace and telephone. That can be do the service perfected.

In another side, the nine can collaborate with some cyberspace distributor, even through the nine demand to provide a lower monetary value to them, the cyberspace distributor will transport more clients in the hereafter.


In the decision, during the full analysis and hazard study, The Burhill golf and Leisure Limited should acquire consciousness of the external environment, and recognize how this exterior factor affect the internal environment.

The senior direction still should pay the highest attending on pulling the possible client and do the old client more loyal ; spread out other leisure activities link with golf is another step should be taken. Constantly to cognize what client really necessitate and depending it to alter your operation program and selling scheme, because the rapid descent into the economic crisis will non be recovery in a short clip, so the golf industry is likely to confront at least several old ages of holding to last and consolidate.


Appendix 1 ( Mintel 2009 )

Base: 266 cyberspace users aged 16+ who play golf


I would wish to play golf more frequently but merely do n’t hold the clip


I would wish to play golf more frequently but ca n’t afford to make so


I truly bask traveling to the bar/restaurant before/after I play


Golf etiquette and regulations ( eg frock codification ) are of import to me


I prefer golf to other athleticss because of the societal facet


Watching golf on Television prompted me to play


I think regulations and etiquette should be relaxed to allow anyone play at any clip


I play plenty golf as it is and do n’t truly necessitate to play any more often


I find the ambiance in bars/restaurants at golf nines excessively formal or ‘stuffy ‘


The exclusivity of golf nines is portion of their entreaty


A particular offer from a nine tempted me to give it a spell


None of these


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