Leadership leadership has no positive effect on employee

Leadership is a
vital feature for employees at their work place (Scott & Bruce, 1994;
Oldham & Cummings, 1996). Transformational leadership is the combination of
leaders’ behaviors which have four constructs including intellectual stimulation,
charisma or idealized influence, inspirational motivation, and individualized
consideration (Bass, 1985). Transformational leaders could set the creativity
expectancy through engaging in intellectual stimulation. Employees threat them
as a role model because transformational leaders are inspirational and
employees are likely to learn from them. Through this leaders can enhance the
creative skills of employees to develop new ideas and question the out dated
procedures (Bass & Avolio, 1990). Transformational leaders could also show
empathy, support and consideration to their employees through individualized
consideration, which help to reduce employee’ fear and result into high
employee creativity. Then the leaders encourage the independence of employees
and can get the benefit from the employees’ experiences and greater knowledge
(Bass, 1985; Avolio & Gibbons, 1988; Dvir et al., 2002).

researchers found different results for this relationship. Some scholars found
that the transformational leadership had no influence on employee creativity
(Jaussi & Dionne, 2003). But many researchers agree with the relationship
between transformational leadership and employee creativity. Transformational
leadership positively relate to creativity of followers (Shin & Zhou,
2003). Transformational leadership has positive relationship with creativity at
both individual level which refer to employees and organizational levels
(Gumusluoglu & Ilsev, 2009). Transformational leadership enhance the
creativity of employees over the time and inside a field sets which allow the
leader employee interactions (Gong, Huang, & Farh, 2009).Transformational
Leaders positively influence the creativity and creative self-efficacy of
employees (Wang, Tsai, & Tsai, 2014). Transformational leaders can enhance
employee creativity to do things in much better way (Dhar, 2015).

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H02: Transformational
leadership has no positive effect on employee creativity

Ha2: Transformational
leadership has positive effect on employee creativity