Kleptomaniac alter the brain’s neural pathways, making you

Kleptomaniac patients should learn to
educate themselves in order to control or prevent themselves from involving in
unwanted behavior or act. It is important to learn about kleptomania so that they
can better understand risk factors, treatments and triggering events. Identifying
moments, situations, thoughts or feelings that may trigger urges to steal so
you can take steps to manage or prevent them from happening them.  By getting a clear view about the risk factors
in kleptomania, it will be easier to cope with the disease itself. For example,
let’s take the case of Megan Fox who has been caught in 2008 for the act of shoplifting
a $7 lip gloss in a Walmart Store. Believe it or not, that incident had made
Megan Fox to be banned from Walmart for her entire life. Well the funny part
was the item was so cheap that she can afford to buy it but then she chooses to
steal it instead. “Maybe she is a kleptomaniac, maybe it just a moment of
thrill. Nevertheless, it was enough for her to make the kleptomaniac list” (Famous
Kleptomaniacs, 2015). To be caught in a public place for shoplifting
is a big shame. Thus, by knowing the consequences of stealing or shoplifting, will
make kleptomaniac person control their urge as they will be terrified of the
results. In addition to that, kleptomaniacs can find healthy outlets such as pottery,
ceramics (art), exercise, therapy, support groups, dance, meditation and yoga. Explore
as many healthy ways to divert urges to steal or shoplift through exercise and
recreational activities and others. Learning relaxation and stress management
technique like meditation, yoga or tai chi may help to reduce the symptoms and
causes of kleptomania such as hands trembling, anxiety and mood disorder. A few
minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety. “Research suggests that
daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making you more
resilient to stress,” (Hartman, n.d.). Always remember to
stay focused on your goal. Setting goals gives long-term vision and short-term
motivation. It focuses on learning and development of knowledge, and helps
organize time and resources so that you can achieve the very most of your life
to control the addiction of kleptomania. Recovery from kleptomania can take
time. Always remember that slow and steady wins the race. Keep in mind your
recovery goals and do your best to restore relationships with spouse and family
members, financial and legal problems.


There are variety of therapies that have been
used to treat this disorder. Counselling or therapy in a group or one-to-one session
can be very helpful. By communicating with kleptomaniac patient,
psychotherapist can come up with plenty of idea on how to cure the disorder as
they have better view to diagnose the specific patient. It is usually aimed at
dealing with underlying psychological problems that may be contributing to
kleptomania. It may also include behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and reality therapy. Behavioral
therapy also known as behavior modification, is a therapeutic approach where a
person’s behavior and reactions are influenced by positive and negative
thoughts. Simple examples of positive and negative thoughts are by providing
compliments or encouragement, and stopping or avoiding several behavior’s. Whereas,
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or better known as systemic desensitization is a
form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the important role of thinking in how we
feel and what we do  (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, n.d.). Reality Therapy is based on a concept called
Choice Theory (originally called Control Theory). Another therapy that caught
many psychotherapist attentions was the reality therapy which is a particular
approach in psychotherapy and counseling. Reality therapy was developed by
William Glasser, a psychiatrist. Glasser believes that people who are behaving
in inappropriate ways do not need help to find a defense for their behavior.
Instead, they need help to acknowledge their behavior as being inappropriate and
then to learn how to act in a more logical and productive manner. Reality
therapy attempts to help people control the world around them more effectively
so that they are better able to satisfy their needs (Reality
Therapy, n.d.). Another therapy that helps to treat this disorder is the covert
sensitization, a type of aversion therapy, also known by the name verbal
aversion therapy. This perspective is normally used on patients with addiction,
self-destructive behaviors, desires, and habits such as kleptomania. In simple
words, Covert sensitization is a form of behavior
therapy in which an undesirable behavior is paired with an unpleasant image in
order to eliminate that behavior (Covert
sensitization, n.d.). For example, the patient is taught how to relax as relaxing is an important
progenitor to generating intense imagery. The patient is then made to imagine
approaching the situation where the undesirable behavior occurs (for example,
going to shop for shoplifting). If the patient unable to imagine the scene, the image can be presented orally
by the therapist. As the patient imagines getting closer to the situation
(shop), he or she is asked to clearly imagine an unpleasant consequence (such
as a scene where he/she get caught by police during shoplifting and was
surrounded by a large crowd taking video or pictures) just before indulging in the undesirable behavior
(shoplifting). The scene must be imagined deeply so that a sense of
physiological discomfort or high level of anxiety is experienced. Then the
patient imagines leaving the situation and experiencing considerable relief.
The patient learns to associate unpleasant sensations (get caught by police)
with the undesirable behavior, leading to decreased desire and avoidance of the
situation in the future.

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On the
whole it can be concluded that kleptomania is an impulsive control disorder
which makes a kleptomaniac person to have the sense or urge to steal items which
is considered to be inappropriate behavior. This might lead to creating many
risk situation and problems in the life of kleptomaniac person.  Having an impulsive control disorder makes kleptomaniac
person to have hardship in resisting the temptation or drive. By accomplishing
those inappropriate behavior or act, most of them have the probability or
chances to get caught and live in shades of embarrassment and dismay. For instance,
by taking the life story of Lindsay Lohan that made headlines after being
arrested for reportedly stealing a necklace from a jewelry store, which landed
her in jail (21 Celebrities Who Have Been
Caught Shoplifting, n.d.) . It is better to seek for medical
attention and cure this disorder as soon as they find it out. This will help
them to control the negative consequences and live a better upstanding life