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Keegan Hunt January 26, 2018  Cobalt DBQ Task: Use the information from the documents and your knowledge of medieval Europe history to explain how the people of medieval Europe were influenced politically, socially, and economically.     Medieval Europe had many events in history some good events some bad events including the Bubonic plague and the Holy war, the Crusades and those are just some of the many. These events made people think of many ideas that inspired a lot the features of today. The many important events in European history influenced the people of medieval Europe politically, socially, and economically.  First and foremost, the Crusades influenced the people politically. The Crusades were a series of war fought by the Christians and the Muslims. In the beginning of the war Pope Urban ll rallied up a lot of Christians and inspired them to fight and regain the holy land of Jerusalem. The first attack was successful they got back Jerusalem! The second attack was them trying to defend Jerusalem and it failed because they were fighting each other and the Muslims snuck in and took it over. Then the third one was when they took over land like Acre and Jaffa, but did not succeed in taking Jerusalem. There were a ton of casualties in the war from both sides.  During the war people went to church and it influenced their daily life socially. The church collected money called tithes and it was supposed to help them earn salvation. The pastor of the church would speak Latin and most of the people in Medieval Europe were illiterate and didn’t know how to write. So, the church put stained glass windows up to tell the story of the things they would go over in church. The church was a very important place, people of all levels can go to church, from the lowest surf, to the highest king, they all went to church for salvation. Salvation with Christ meant you were saved and you would go to heaven a place holiness and tranquility. To the Christians salvation was very important so, they would dedicate their life to God, their savor. This all relates to document 4 and 5 both talking about the medieval church salvation and the power of the church.   When Pope Urban ll inspired them economically, they fought together to and worked together to help each other. During the war the Christians had less advanced technology than the Muslims. They were a lot more advanced because they learned about their surroundings and evolved while the Christians in Europe were staring though a tiny lens. So, they had better techniques of fighting but the Crusaders learned from them and used their way of fighting against them. The Europeans learned a lot about their ways and greatly improved, and they improved so much that they advanced farther than all the other civilizations coming up with new technology, new laws, and better trading. A bit after the crusades then world in medieval Europe changed immensely.