Jamaica’s Constitution and Framework

Jamaican’s Construction guarantees freedom and rights to each one of their citizens. The state created its constitution after gaining independence from Britain in 1962. Even though Jamaica succeeded from Britain, their constitution models Britain. Like many other states in the Commonwealth Realms, the Queen of England is the Head of state. The base of this country is universal adult suffrage. Jamaica elects people into positions that they feel that will represent them best through elections. Jamaica has a parliamentary democracy with a bicameral legislature and party system. Jamaica’s party system is based on the separation of powers which upholds, administers, and enforces the law to provide protection and ensures the rights of each citizen. Before succession, Jamaica was under British rule meaning, its legal framework was the British constitution. After 1962, when their constitution was ratified, Jamaica was no longer bound to British ruling. The constitution is the highest law of Jamaica and represents the independence of the country as a nation-state. It is the supreme law of the state and other laws that depend upon it.

Jamaica has a unitary form of government and commonly known as a parliamentary democracy that believes in a representational system of government. Jamaica is also a constructional Monarchy and is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The queen is the head of state but she is represented by the Governor General. The Governor General is the local representative for the queen and is appointed by the Prime Minister. Jamaica has a bicameral parliament made up of a 21- member senate and a 60 member House of Representatives. Parliament is reelected once every 5 years. This is up held by the Governor General before each election. The constitution may be amended by a simple majority of both houses if the provision is considered to be of significant importance. If so the amendment has to be approved by two-thirds of a…

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