IPhone a vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (also known

IPhone X

the new IPhone X
comes with several new features such as the size of the screen coming at 5.8
inches which is currently the biggest screen size when compared to previous
Iphone devices. One of the main reasons why the IPhone X has such a large screen
is because Apple have replaced the touch ID with Face ID, this also means that instead
of iPhone users using their thumb to unlock their phone they use their face.

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this is because of the 3D sensor which sits at the top of the Iphone. The 3D
sensor is split into three components: dot projection, flood illuminator and an
infrared camera. the flood illuminator is used to highlight the face, the
infrared camera is used to identify the presence of the face and the dot
projector is used to ID the face using the 30,000 projected dots by using a
vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (also known as VCSEL) which is made of
gallium arsenide, this can be located behind the glass lens. The IPhone X
weighs approximately 174g with a width of 70.9mm and a depth of 7.7 mm. the
height of the IPhone X is 143.6 mm

in terms of display the Iphone x comes with a super retina
HD display which according to Apple is “the best OLED display that has ever
been shipped”. Having a super retina HD display means that the IPhone X will
have 458 pixels per inch which is the highest pixel density ever on an IPhone.

The IPhone X will support Dolby vision and also HDR10. The display comes with a
contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 which is a large increase when compared to other
IPhones which have a contrast ratio of 1400:1. The Iphone X comes with a pixel
resolution of 2436 x 1125.

The IPhone X has a IP67 water resistance meaning that it is
splash, water and dust resistant. in the IP67 each number represents the dust
resistance rating and the water resistance rating, so in this case the IP6x is
the highest dust resistance rating therefore meaning that it is fully safe from
any dust. The IPX7 is the water rating, this means that it can handle up to 1
meter or 3.3 feet of water for approximately 30 minutes. IPx7 is the second
highest rating. the highest rating is IPX8 which could withstand longer periods
under water. Although the IPhone X is water resistant it has been advised to
avoid any contact with water as the iOS devices don’t cover water damage.

The IPhone X has also
been installed with the new A11 bionic chip. the A11 Bionic chip has 6
processor cores with two high performing cores, they are both approximately 25%
faster than the A10 Fusion, and also 4 high efficiency cores which are 70% faster
than the A10 Fusion. Also, all six of the processor cores are able to be used
at the same time. The IPhone X has six built in processor cores so that the
different applications and background tasks can be scheduled onto the
appropriate cores so that the power of the phone is able to reach its full

Another important feature of the iPhone X is the camera this
is because everybody likes to take pictures so if the camera isn’t up to par
the phone will be less popular with the public. The Iphone X comes with an 12MP
wide-angle just as all the older IPhones do but what makes this IPhone more
unique is that it comes with telephoto cameras with an aperture of ƒ/2.4 and the wide angle being ƒ/1.8
aperture. It also comes with dual optical image stabilisers and an optical zoom
of up to 10 times. one new feature that the IPhone X camera is the portrait
mode and portrait lighting.




Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 was released in March 2017. The Samsung galaxy S8 was made
with a metal core and glass on the front and back of the phone. The glass used
is the Gorilla glass 5 on both the front and back, this is used to protect the
phone from any scratches. The S8 also comes with curved edges which allow for
the phone to have a bezel-less effect. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has several
different security features such as Iris scanning, facial recognition,
fingerprint scanner and also the usual pin/ pattern unlock feature. The Iris
scanner is touted as “one of the safest ways to keep your phone locked”. In order
for the Iris scanner to be used the user must holding up the S8 and aligning
the phone with the two circles displayed on the phone and in a matter of
seconds the S8 will unlock. This means that there will be less hassle to unlock
the Iphone. Facial recognition is similar to Iris scanning but this time the S8
will scan face instead of just your eyes. The fingerprint scanner is when the
user places their finger on the fingerprint sensor located at the back of the
phone next to the camera. The password, pin number and pattern are security
features which have been used on every Samsung mobile phone.  

In terms of display the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a Quad HD+ Super
AMOLED screen with an 570 pixel per inches. Having a Quad HD+ Super AMOLED
allows for the image quality to be fantastic, according to the experts at
DisplayMate the S8 Quad HD+ Super AMOLED screen is “the best mobile display
ever tested”. The S8 has an aspect ratio of 18.5:9 and a brightness level of
1000 nits. The Samsung Galaxy S8 weighs 155g
with a dimension of 148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0 mm (height x width x depth). The phone
comes with a screen size of 5.8 inches with a resolution of 1440 pixels x 2960

The Samsung Galaxy S8
has IP68 water and dust resistance rating which means that it is splash water
and dust resistant. The IP6x rating is the highest dust resistant rating
meaning that it is safe from dust. The 1Px8 rating is also the highest rating
which means that it can go down approximately 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) in water
and last for up to 30 minutes. IP68 is currently the highest water and dust
resistant rating possible so for the S8 to have it is a big boost. Even though
it is water resistant Samsung users are encouraged to keep their Mobile phones
away from water as the warranty doesn’t cover water damage.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is built with two different systems on
a chip(SoCs) depending on where you buy the phone from in the world, in most
parts of the world when you buy a S8 it will come with Samsung’s Exynos 8895.

But in other regions such as USA and Japan the phone will be equipped with
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, this is because these countries need a CDMA modem. After
analysing the performance of both the Snapdragon 835 and the Exynos 8895 it is
clear to see that the Samsung galaxy S8 performs better with the Snapdragon 835
as its SoC.





Advantages of the
IPhone X

The advantages of the
Iphone X is that it comes with face ID instead of the traditional Touch ID.

Face ID is a new way of unlocking the iPhone. This is when a system scans your
face to recognise you and unlocks the phone. According to Apple Face ID is
supposedly the most secure way to protect your phone from any unwanted
intrusions. The chances of somebody being able to gain access to your phone is
very low therefore making it the most solid security mechanism yet. Another
advantage is that with the IPhone X also comes wireless charging which means
that you will automatically get rid of any hassles that the charger wires will
provide you with. Instead of using the customary charger you use an inductive
charging mat. Also, another big advantage is that the IPhone X has fast
charging capabilities meaning that if the phone is charged for an hour the
phone will be more than 70% and 50% if the phone is charged for half an hour,
but this is only if a USB-C charging cord is used. In addition, once the phone
is fully charged the Iphone X according to research has a battery life which
lasts longer than the IPhone 7 by two hours. One of the main advantages of the
IPhone X is the bigger screen size and also a better screen in terms of
quality. The Iphone X comes with full HD OLED and True Tone Technology with
Apple also adding the highest ever pixel capacity meaning that users will have
a much better viewing experience than other previous IPhone users. The iPhone X
also comes with a screen size of 5.8 inches, even though the IPhone X has the
biggest screen size the size of the actual Iphone is smaller than the IPhone 8
Plus this is because the screen of the Iphone X is edge to edge. In terms of
height and width the Iphone X is similar to the IPhone 8. Also, the IPhone X
comes with Scratch resistant glass which is used as a screen protection feature
this means that the screen is less likely to scratch easily. The Scratch
resistant glass is a new feature which has been added to the new IPhone X and
IPhone 8.


Disadvantages of
the IPhone X

With anything in life comes advantages and also
disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages of the iPhone X is the price,
at £1000 it is the most expensive Apple phone ever. Because of the high price
it means that nit a lot of people will be able to buy the phone and will be
stuck with older IPhones. Another disadvantage is that if someone is
considering buying the IPhone X they will only have two choices in terms of
colour of the phone (sliver and space grey/black) this means that people who
were expecting other colours to be released will be very disappointed. Furthermore,
where the IPhone 8 has the IPhone 8 Plus the Iphone X is the only type that
Apple have released meaning that the phone comes in one size meaning that those
who want a smaller screen size will have to compromise with the X or get the
IPhone 8. Another big disadvantage of the IPhone X is that it because of the
new FaceID Apple have removed TouchID meaning that there will be some people
who will take time to get used to the FaceID, but with TouchID it was much
easier to use. Finally, the fact that this new IPhone is so different to
previous IPhones it means that it will take some time to get used to for
example the fact that there is no home button on the IPhone X and also learning
new commands such as switching between apps.

Advantages of
Samsung Galaxy S8

The advantages of the
Samsung Galaxy S8 is that it comes with several different security features
which include fingerprint scan and also Iris scan. With the Samsung, they give
you the choice of choosing between the 5 different security features, also if
you want to make sure that your Photos, Contacts and files are safe you are
able to set up a secure folder. Another advantage of the S8 is the excellent camera
it has, it comes with a 12MP camera with f
1.7 aperture and 8MP in the front camera also with f1.7 aperture. Furthermore, there is also 8X digital zoom as well
as multi-frame image processing, with these types of numbers you should be able
to take exceptional pictures and videos. In addition, the phone also comes with
the highest quality in terms of both hardware and specification, as explained
above the S8 in USA and Japan will have Snapdragon 835 chipset whereas the S8
in Europe will come with Exynos 8895 as well as the phones having a 4GB RAM and
64GB Internal storage and if that’s not enough then you have the option of
upgrading to 256GB. Also, the phone is installed with Bluetooth 5.0 and also
GIGABIT LTE which will allow for people to browse much quicker and also enable
some new features. The phone will use Android 7.0 Nougat which also comes with
new features. Another advantage is that the phone comes with what sic called
and “Infinity display” according to Samsung. The display comes with 5.8 inch
AMOLED display as well as a pixel resolution of 2960 x 1440, this isn’t the
highest screen resolution so Samsung have given users the option to change it.

In terms of design the Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the more beautiful looking.

The phone comes with a big display but this doesn’t mean that the phone comes
out too big and bulky but in fact the complete opposite. With the Samsung
Galaxy S8 you are have the choice of what colour you want (Black, Silver, Gold,
Blue and Grey) as well as size where you can get the Samsung Galaxy S8 and
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The Samsung galaxy S8 is also equipped with IP68 water
and dust resistant rating meaning that the phone can go 1.5 m deep and last for
up to 30 minutes


Disadvantages of
the Samsung Galaxy S8

One of the biggest disadvantages of the
Samsung Galaxy S8 is the battery life. The phone comes with a battery life of
3000mAh meaning that you can use the phone for 7/8 hours a day continuously
without charge. This is an issue because it has the same capacity as the S7 but
the difference between the two is that the screen size of the S8 is much bigger
than the S7 therefore meaning that the phone requires more capacity than
3000mAh.another issue is with the Samsung galaxy S8 is the location of the
fingerprint scanner. The Fingerprint is located behind the phone next to the
camera this is something they changed because the Samsung Galaxy S7 had the
fingerprint scanner located at the bottom of the screen. The problem with
having the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone is that it requires two
hands in order to use it, as show in the advert. Another issue with the
fingerprint scanner is that because all of the phone is glass this means that
the scanner will also be glass therefore when the fingerprint scanner is used
several times the finger print marks will stick to the glass which will in
return make the phone more unattractive to people.

Comparing the IPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8

The battle of IPhone and Samsung has been one which has gone
on for over a decade and now in 2018 we are still no closer to the resolution
of this. In this part of the report we will be comparing the IPhone X and the
Samsung Galaxy S8 to try and figure out when comparing the two newest models to
be released which is better. In order to do this, we must separate this into
different categories, these categories are Design, Display, Camera, Battery
life, Performance and Price.


After research, it seems that since Samsung released the S6
they have been ahead of IPhones but now that the Apple have released the Iphone
X that gap seems to have been diminished, With the IPhone X having a design
which measures 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm and a weight of 174g, whereas the S8
measures at 148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0mm with a weight of 155g. From this it is clear
to see that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is still ahead but the with the IPhone X
Apple are not far off reaching them. In terms of water and dust resistance the
IPhone X offers an IP67 rating whereas the S8 offers IP68 rating making the
Samsung S8 better in that respect. One thing that Apple added the to IPhone X
which they copied from Samsung was the glass back so that it can also have
wireless charging. Three features which the Samsung Galaxy S8 has which the
IPhone X doesn’t have are the headphone jack, microSD expansion slot and also
the fingerprint reader. The reason why Apple needed to remove the TouchID was
because it was replaced with the FaceID, all be it that the fingerprint scanner
on the S8 isn’t the best. The fingerprint scanner is located next to the rear camera
on the back of the phone which is a big disadvantage.  



Both Apple and Samsung have increased their display sizes
with their latest phones with the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes a 5.8 Super AMOLED
screen with 2960 x 1440 pixel (570 ppi pixel density) also with a
screen-to-body ratio of 83.6%. and the IPhone X also has the same screen size
as the S8 with an 18.5:9 true tone OLED screen as well as having 2960 x 1440
pixels (458 ppi pixel density) and a screen to body ration of 82.9%. this
clearly shows that even though Apple increased the size of the screen to its
biggest ever they still have some issues to solve such as the Screen-to-body
ratio being lower than Samsung’s this is due to the polarized top bezel notch
on the Iphone X. Another factor Apple must consider in order to be better is
the brightness because currently the S8 has a brightness of 1000 nits whereas
the Iphone X has a brightness of 625 nits. One feature where IPhones X is
better than the S8 is the True Tone display, this is very useful as it allows
for the phone to react to the environments lighting and decrease or increase
the brightness of the screen automatically. Furthermore, both the Iphone X and
Samsung Galaxy S8 are HDR certified.



This is another feature of which Samsung have been ahead of
since the release of their S6 but with the release of the IPhone X the gap has
been significantly closed. Both the S8 and the IPhone X have 12 megapixel
wide-angle primary rear cameras, but the S8 has a marginally faster aperture (f/1.7) than the
IPhone X (f/1.8). in terms of the
front camera the Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with 8MP f/1.7 aperture camera which is also better than the Apple Rear
camera which has 7MP and     f/ 2.2 aperture. IPhone X also has a
second 12MP, f/2.4 aperture telephoto lens which has 2X optical zoom
accompanied by an optical image stabiliser, it also comes with a duel camera
for the Portrait mode which allows for the background to be blurred once a
photo is taken.    




Battery Life

When it comes to battery life Samsung has always had a
better than Apples IPhones but now Apple have finally stepped up and improved
the IPhone X battery life by fitting a 2716mAh which is bigger than the battery
fitted into the IPhone 8 Plus whereas Samsung have fitted a 3000mAh battery.

Even though the battery size on the IPhone is smaller than the Samsung Apple
have a reputation of being better than Samsung when it comes to power efficiency
and now they have also added the A11 chip it should insure Apple users that
they will enough battery life than previous models. Furthermore, Apple have
also added the fast-wired charging as well as the new fast wireless charging which
cost an additional £55. The difference between the Samsung wireless charger and
the Apple wireless charger is that the Samsung’s charges up to 18W whereas
Apples only charges to 5W but Apple will be introducing a new wireless charger.

The Samsung uses a USB port to charge this can work with everything from a
laptop to a PS4 the IPhone X uses lightning and this needs an adapter.



With regards to performance the IPhone X is equipped with
the A11 bionic chip with six core CPU, six core GPU, m11 motion coprocessor and
3GB of RAM whereas the Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with Exynos 8895 with
CPU’s of 4 x 2.3GHz and 4 x 1.7GHz as well as a RAM 4GB. From looking at the
specs you would thing that Samsung is better but the A11 chipset is
significantly faster and much more power efficient than the Exynos 8895. One of
the main reasons for the A11 bionic Chipset is because of the introduction of
the FaceID which is also significantly better than Samsung’s facial recognition
because they are using 3D mapping on a user’s face this means that the phone is
able to be deceived by a photograph. Also, because the TouchID has been removed
this means that features such as Apple Pay will require for your face to be
used instead of the finger this is also expected to be much smoother than the



The price is the easiest heading to discuss, this is because
the IPhone X with 64GB is priced at £1000 and the 256GB costing £1,149. This is
a big disadvantage because it will not appeal to many IPhone users as the cost
is out of their price range, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S8 is £689 this is a
more reasonable price for a phone costing exactly £311 less than the IPhone.

Because of the prices I would expect more Samsung Galaxy S8 phones to be sold
over the IPhone X.


Which is better

After analysing both the IPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The IPhone X saw Apple close the camera, battery design and also charging gaps
with Samsung over the last couple of years, the IPhone has the fastest chipset
in the world with dual cameras. The Samsung Galaxy S8 equivalent to the IPhone
X because of it offering a more comprehensive charging level as well as
superior display and an elegant design. The phone is also lighter and has the
advantage of having a headphone jack and fingerprint sensor. The main
difference between the two is the price, where the Samsung Galaxy S8 is £689
the IPhone X is £1000. If this competition was based on just phones and prices
were out of the question then I would have to say that the IPhone X edges it
over the Samsung Galaxy S8.