Introduction actor’s psychological reactions. Fourthly, it would state


The aim of this essay
is to reflect on a movie about patient’s response to illness, illness behaviors
and stresses of taking care mentally ill or chronically ill patients. Firstly, it
would briefly describe the movie and discuss the reasons why the writer chose
this movie. Secondly, it would identify the stressors of main character had to
deal with and his responses. Thirdly, it would discuss writer’s overall
impressions of actor’s psychological reactions. Fourthly, it would state the
writer’s concrete plan of change. Fifthly, it would describe writer’s action
taken. Sixthly, it would relate actor’s psychological reactions to one
psychological theory. Seventhly, it would state the insights induced from the
movie. Eighthly, it would choose one literature to help explain and support the
psychological issues. Ninthly, it would discuss the writer’s reflection on her
action. Tenthly, it would analyze depression in a new perspective.

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Gran Torino was chosen
to review in this essay. Walt was a retired Korean War soldiers. Walt’s wife
passed away. Walt treat his sons bad and developed a poor relationship with
them. Walt’s sons seldom visited Walt. Is was they though Walt was irritable
and stubborn. After that, Walt was diagnosed as severe medical problem.
However, his sons indifferent into any Walt’s condition. Recently, many Hmong
Americans moved into Walt’s community and Walt felt annoyed about it.

Gran Torino was chosen
because it discussed depression among older adults. Depression induced impaired
functioning in daily life. There were estimated 5.7% older adults suffered from
unipolar depression (World Health Organization, 2017).
However, depression among older adults was always underdiagnosed because the
symptoms usually present with other medical problems. Hong Kong’s elderly
population rapid increase. The ratio of population of elderly in 2025 was
expected 24% (Lam & Kao, 2017). Since the
older adults might increase in the future, the writer want to learn more about
depression among older adults and equipped herself.


Actor’s stressor

There were the stressors
of Walt’s depression. Firstly, Walt’s wife passed away. There was huge
different of his life. Walt started to live alone and self-care. Secondly,
Walt’s family members abandoned him. Walt’s son and daughter-in-law tried to
send Walt to elderly homes. Thirdly, Walt didn’t engage in community. Walt
hated foreign culture and many Hmong Americans moved into his society. Walt was
experiencing a huge change of his life.

Against those change,
Walt experienced persistent sad, irritability and restlessness, loss of
interest in social activities (National Institute of
Mental Health, n.d.). Those psychological reactions were symptoms of
depression. Walt responded toward change was inappropriately. It was because
those reactions were negative emotions (Positive Words
Research, n.d.). Negative emotions induce Walt to hate themselves,
others and life. Negative emotions decreased Walt’s confidence.


Writers’ impressions toward psychological reactions

There were the
psychological reaction that identified. Irritability, which was an emotion of
agitation. People experienced irritability might become frustrated probably (Kahn, 2016). Sadness, which was an emotion when
people loss valuable possessions, financial assets, a relationship and a social
status (Negative Emotion Typology, n.d.).
Restlessness, which was an emotions of aggravation that cause by negative
provocation (Kahn, 2016).

The writer’s overall
impression of above psychological reactions was negative. It was because those emotions
were negative emotions. Usually, negative event happen and pleasure event loss might
cause those emotions. Negative emotions might limited people thought and
reaction. For example, people with negative emotions might easily leads to
conflict with others, rather than forgive and cooperate with others (Newman, 2017).


Writer’s feelings toward actor reactions

Firstly, the writer
felt heartbroken about actor reactions. When Walt was suggested to move to
elderly homes by his son and daughter-in-law, Walt felt irritability and
restlessness, sad. Walt expelled and yelled at them. The writer felt
heartbroken because she perceived the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
of Walt.

Secondly, the writer
felt sorrowful about actor reactions. When Walt lost his wife, he felt
pessimistic and refused to talk with priest. Walt’s lifestyle changed after his
wife died. Nobody took care of him in daily life. Walt felt frustrated. The
writer felt sorrowful because she felt like Walt was a hidden elderly. Hidden elderly
was a sad thing.