Intro 1 – People across the globe have

Intro – Role models are people who have touched us in ways that make us want to be better people and who we look to for guidance.  There are both good role models, who motivate individuals, and bad role models, who are unacceptable influences.  Athletes are seen by a countless number of people all over the planet and this places them in an ideal position to be heroes.  Star athletes should be role models because they not only teach the public commitment, and why teamwork is important, but show that you can be successful regardless of your background.Body Paragraph 1 – People across the globe have something they love.  Hopefully, everyone’s job is that thing they love but for most people it just the thing they do for money.  For athletes sports are their whole entire lives.  They wake up to train, do interviews, train some more, then every once and awhile they compete. Star athletes live and breath their sports and this makes them some of the most committed and dedicated people. As their fans watch them mature, they can see that sometimes the love for their job wavers but they keep working at it and move past the hard times.  The public sees how devoted the athletes are and it rubs off on them making them want to be harder workers. Body Paragraph 2 – In the sports world there are team sports and individual sports.  Regardless, all athletes have to possess immense teamwork skills to be able to work with their publicity team, the media, trainers, and their teammates.  As the public watches an athlete grow and thrive, they see the ups and downs of their relationships with the people they surround themselves with.  Everyone can see if you surround yourself with people who can help you achieve your goals and sincerely want to watch you reach your dreams, people who respect and value you, you will be more likely to prosper.  By having athletes be role models people can grasp the fact that your team is your most valuable asset. Body paragraph 3 – Everyone comes from a different background.  Maybe some people grew up swimming in their parent’s money, maybe they grew up in the middle class, maybe they grew up with absolutely nothing.  Those people who come from nothing have gained internal strength when continuing past the hardships in their lives.  You would be surprised to find that so many of our star athletes today come from rough childhoods or even poverty.  For example, the famous NBA player Lebron James grew up with his 16-year-old mother raising him alone while she jumped from place to place trying to find a job.  Around the age of ten Lebron had spent roughly two-thirds of his life without a home.  James has said that every time he moved he thought, “I just grabbed my little backpack, which held all the possessions I needed, and said to myself what I always said to myself: It’s time to roll.”  Lebron, like a countless number of other athletes, came from lives like this but you would never know if you saw where they stand today.  They worked past everything hard and complicated in their lives, just trying to reach their dream and be successful.